What genre best shows off your system’s abilities?

Maybe one genre is your favorite to listen to, but another is your go-to for testing out or showing off your system.  We want to know which one best shows off your system.  Vote below!  If your answer is other, explain in the comments.

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  1. While I do have favorite types of music, it all comes down to my perception of recording quality.  As we all know, there exist some atrocious examples of every type of music, all dependent upon the efforts of everyone from the artists, to the mixing, the mastering, the label’s attention to quality, and the list goes on. 
    I agree that the less compression, and the ability to “hear” the venue rank very highly for me.  That implies minimalist techniques, and a recording of an actual event, as opposed to a multi-tracked mixture of parts which never actually occurred simultaneously in real time.  Although it is admittedly difficult to find such gems.

  2. I listen to multiple music genres when evaluating system changes, or auditioning new equipment.  There is no single best genre.

  3. Hmm – I can’t vote for one genre. Tonehead pretty much sums it up for me. And I agree with  Gbart and Michaelalex… Less is more. My ‘go to’ material was very often recorded in the mid-late 50s through early 60s before ‘engineering” went on steroids.

    Gems? Ralph Kirkpatrick’s Bach Partitas on Archiv, Muddy Waters Folksinger on Chess, The Trinity Sessions- Cowboy Junkies. Robert Noehren’s Bach/Vivaldi Concertos on Urania (my dad brought the LP home when I was 10 years old) all work for me. There are more –
    Sometimes it’s individual cuts like Sister Morphine on Sticky Fingers or Peggy Lee’s Fever.

  4. COWBOY JUNKIES TRINITY SESSIONS!!!!!  Oh yes my friend!  Try Sex Without Bodies too!  And Morphine is pretty satisfying in a truly toe-tapping way!

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