Wake Up Your Ears with Audiogon

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Coming soon, we’re partnering with HD Tracks to offer a new way to test your system exclusively for Audiogon users.


If you want to hear how good a speaker or headphone can sound you have to play great sounding recordings.  If the recording isn’t up to snuff no speaker or headphone can make it sound better than it really is.  Chesky recordings are free of dynamic range compression, processing and other forms of studio trickery, so they more accurately portray the sound of music than most mainstream recordings.

The Audiogon Wake Up Your Ears! Sampler will feature hand-selected tracks powered by Chesky recordings, designed to help train your ears to actively listen while showcasing your audio components.

Stay tuned to The Hub for information on track listings and how to purchase this one-of-a-kind collection.


  1. Will be great to have this disc in my collection. Music via Chesky is always top notch will be looking forward to enjoying this special album.

  2. I hope it’s a red book cd. Computer audio is in a state of flux, and after this amount of time, it may be in a permanent state of flux. If Audiogon’s intent is to help promote cmmputer audio, by offering hi rez or low rez downloads only, I’m afraid a willing audience is very, very limited. Unless computer audio is 100% standardized and full album downloads at the highest resolution are about $10.00 (not $50), computer audio will go the way of the Volt. Sorry… that’s just the way I see it. 

    1. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of computer downloads. The convenience and quality are awesome. Particularly, listening to Linn Radio streaming and then downloading the songs that I like in 192K has been a wonderful experience. Using JR Media center with the Micromega MyDac ( $ 370 rec. by TAS), as well as the iphone remote control app; computer audio has opened up my musical horizons. BTW, I have always been a vinyl person, Linn, Lyra, Magnepan. While not giving up vinyl, Igotta admit that many of these hi-res files are the best I’ve heard from digital.

  3. interested, although i believe i have all chesky audio samplers and test cds and yes, they all have only jazz and classical which makes them limited as testers. i hope the new cd is not a “conceptual rehash” of of the old ones but presents testing in some new and ear-stimulating way

    1. I don’t understand the comments about wanting music “other than” jazz and classical.  What else would you use to test or set up your system?  Real instruments recorded in a real space are the only types of recordings useful for listening to depth and width of image, “real” timbre of instruments, etc.  As much as I love Dark Side of the Moon, you can’t use the clock sounds or processed drums and guitar for testing a stereo rig — other than using it for a subjective “wow” rating.  

    2. They are NOT “limited as testers”.  Chesky recordings are free of dynamic range compression, processing and other forms of studio trickery, so they more accurately portray the sound of music than most mainstream recordings.

      You can’t test anything with a compressed recording of a synthesizer/guitar band.  You certainly can enjoy it, but you can’t test anything with it.

      1. I listen to enjoy whatever music it may be dependant on my mood, all should be included.
        Audiophile recordings probably started in RCA studio’s RAD equipment made for Elvis Presley cause they could afford it due to the money they were making off him. So is he not worthy of great reproduction?
        Please keap us low lifes in mind when you realease your catalogs of audiophile recordings.

  4. Please mention this in another email when it’s released — some of us don’t get over here as often as we would like.

  5. Personally I have had it up to blank with the what is coming, never a clue when or actually what it is. If it comes in a download it is not a high end anything. Red book CD are you joking, LP maybe 45RPM closer. Either dead high res disc format not really usable by most, tape is too bad, masters, need a 50 year old working 1 in a million tape deck. Industry declared most of this junk and dropped out or the perfect playback to stop listening 20 = years and trying.

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