The Loudness Wars: What Producers Think

In this Cool Video, mastering engineer Friedemann Tischmeyer has collected statements of famous producers like Alan Parsons (Pink Floyd), John Fields (Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Rooney), Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Melissa Etheridge), Richard Dodd (Dixie Chicks) and further top engineers on the “loudness” of new recordings.  Watch below to see what they had to say about the topic.

This video is an invitation targeted to all decision makers in the music industry, like A&Rs, product managers, and artists to take responsibility and make carefully considered decisions regarding the degree of compression of today’s music releases.

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1 Comment

  1. Friedemann, Thanks very much for making this thoughtful, informative and IMPORTANT video. I have sent it to some friends in the industry already, and will send more. I have performer friends who are so badly served by compressed work that it makes me think violent thoughts toward compression, as if it was like the worst Asian Karaoke machine. Powerful, tasteless, homogenized

    Your thoughtful video is an elegant paean to using technology well. Thanks.

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