Hi-Fi Makes Its Way into Cars with the Pagani Huayra

One of the top places people enjoying listening to their music is in their car.  So it only makes sense that by now someone has thought to put a high-end audio system in, of course, a high-end car.  Two top Italian brands have made a deal, and the Huayra by Pagani debuted a new sound system by Sonus Faber at the Geneva Motor Show this year.  TopSpeed gave us this beautiful look at it.  Read more about the specs below.


This new sound system has been specially designed for the Huayra and it features new carbon cones, neodymium magnets and speaker diaphragms in a special ultra-light carbon fiber. This material helps the sound system deliver extreme rigidity, but in the same time they keep the total weight to the minimum. The new Sonus Faber delivers a total of 1,200 watts, which is triple amount of power when compared to the audio system previously offered in the Huayra.

Thanks to the new system, both passenger and driver will enjoy a rich sound experience. The system also allows the customer to configure the Huayra cabin depending on his personal needs.

“We are glad for this important partnership and, to use an audiophile term, the harmony between the two brands could not be better. Sonus faber creates musical pieces of art for a very exclusive market of sophisticated customers. The technology, craftsmanship and attention to details is what made us very happy to see their interpretation of a high-end sound system for our Huayra. We hope our customers will be as surprised as we were when we first experienced the depth and richness of this audio system,” said Horacio Pagani, Chief Designer and CEO of Pagani Automobili.

Mauro Grange, CEO of Sonus Faber, made this comment about the partnership, “It is an honor to work with Pagani, as the Huayra stands for timeless design and performance, values that Sonus faber has always cherished when designing its speakers. Our engineers have faced the demanding and special requirements of an automotive application with a no-compromise attitude and we are pleased to have contributed with a state-of-the-art sound system for an automotive icon.”


Is this the beginning of a trend? What do you think? Would car would you like to see a high-end system in? Comment below!


  1. Ferrari was the first to my knowledge to use carbon fiber woofers and electrostatic panel speakers in their 458 Italia back in 2010. They also included a 5.1 amp and a universal disc player so that a 458 owner could playback DVD audio in 5.1 surround sound. The 458 upgraded sound system is the best sound system I have heard in a car to date and it only costs an extra $5,000 to upgrade from the standard Ferrari sound system. The system is a collaberation between Ferrari and JBL Professional. The 458 looks and sounds grrreeeaaat! Oh and the sound system is pretty good too:)

  2. I will stick with my [aftermarket] Focal speakers, Morconi amplifiers and Audioson processor. The Audioson enables front-end control via the Audi MMI system. Now that’s true high-end/

    1. I’m thinking that if you actually owned any of those components, you would know how to spell their names.

      1. Yeah, that is funny. I tried to Google those terms to figure out what that guy was bragging about and got nothing.

  3. B&W in Masareti. Mark Levenson in Lexus. Other brands too. Not the first to do it. I’m sure ir sods great though. Anything Sanus puts out their name on sounds great. Though I’d rather listen to the incredible engine note the Huayra or any Zonda for that matter. I don’t get why put a hi end system in such a super car. The engine is music enough.

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