How will you Wake Up Your Ears?

Audiophiles, do you feel tired while listening?  You know you have a great system, so why does something seem missing?  Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  It’s just time to Wake Up Your Ears!  Watch below for another look at what’s to come and to find out more about what tracks and artists will be featured on the sampler.


  1. $4.98 is a KILLER deal for this! You’ll need a 24/192 DAC to playback, but still an excellent price. I’ll be buying it.

  2. What a steal….plus, for those that may not be familiar with HDtracks, they have a very good collection of various artists including some of my favorites like Steely Dan, Elton John and Jackson Browne. Incredible recordings. I just wish they had Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons Project.

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