Cary Audio at the New York Audio Show 2013


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April 4, 2013


Join us at the New York Audio Show at the New York Palace Hotel April 12-14th! Cary Audio is partnering with KEF showing three complete systems. Come visit us in Suite 926 and experience some of the best sound at any price. We will also be debuting our brand new Cary Audio DAC-100 24/192 hi-resolution USB DAC and a complete Audio Electronics setup including the new Lighting 24/192 USB DAC.

Our main system will consist of our reference products, such as the SLP-05 tube preamplifier, SA-500.1 500 watt solid-state mono blocks, DAC-100 hi-resolution USB DAC and the spectacular KEF Reference 207/2 floorstanding loudspeakers.

The second system will include the CAD-120S MkII tube amplifier, SLP-03 tube preamplifier, and CD-303t CD player/DAC driving KEF’s new R-Series speakers.

Last, but in no way least is a system that brings new meaning to terms affordability and musicality! This system is made up of the new Audio Electronics by Cary Audio direct product line. The Constellation tube preamplifier, Hercules tube power amplifier, Lighting solid-state hi-resolution DAC and the incredible new KEF LS50 monitors will WOW those who get in front of it. As a bonus, this entire system will be available for purchase at a substantial discount for those attending the show.

We look forward to seeing you there!


About Cary Audio

A manufacturer of high-end audio and video electronics, Cary Audio is known for delivering innovative, no-compromise high-end audio and audio video designs to owners worldwide. Cary Audio’s award winning product lines have received accolades from many influential audio enthusiast magazines. Visit for complete product specifications and additional information.

For more information about this topic, questions, comments, or feedback, please call Katie Wright at 919-355-0010 or email [email protected].

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