Final Preview: Wake Up Your Ears

Check out this final sneak peek of our Wake Up Your Ears sampler, including tracks from Jamey Haddad/Mark Sherman/Lenny White, Amber Rubarth, and The Larry Coryell Organ Trio, available starting tomorrow, April 12th, for only $4.98!  Click here to purchase in one of 3 available formats.


  1. You have to click on the “Manufacturers Direct” link above at the top right. Then the drop-down will display Audio Electronics by Cary Audio, and Audiogon Wake Up Your Ears. When you click there, then you will be taken to the download page. I found it by snooping logically.. Hope that helps.

  2. Burned this to cd-r yesterday, listening to it now, awesome music, sounds fantastic. Down loaded the 24/192 wav file but had to change that to burn to cd-r. Maybe I could load a flash drive w/the 24/192.

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