Top 5 Vinyl DO’s

1. DO know how to start and stop them.

Use the cue lever on your turntable to raise and lower the needle. Your hands are never truly steady, and it’s easy to slip up and gouge the grooves of a record or even break the needle on your cartridge. The needle should slowly drop in.  Also, wait for the music to fade out completely  and for the record to come to a complete stop before you try to remove it from the turntable.

2. DO know how to store them properly to preserve your vinyl for years to come.

Vinyl should never be stacked as this can cause warping or wear due to the weight.  Store upright with not much space in between as leaning can also cause records to warp.

They should also be put back in their sleeves and jackets at the completion of listening to avoid attracting dirt and dust.

3. DO handle vinyl correctly.

Always keep your fingers off the playing surface – handle only on the outer edges.

4. DO use the right cleaners.

Use approved vinyl cleaners (no lighter fluid, baby oil, etc.) and use soft cloths (no paper products).

5. DO share your knowledge.

It’s always better to be safe then sorry.  Don’t assume others know how to handle vinyl.  Share the love with them!


Thanks to and Just Cool Records for these tips.  Have more?  Comment below!

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