Featured Sampler Artist – David Chesky

ny rags


About David Chesky

This week’s Featured Artist from our Wake Up Your Ears sampler is David Chesky.  A three-time Grammy nominee, Chesky is without doubt a modern-day Renaissance man.  In addition to his prominence in the audiophile community for the development of new recording technologies, he has earned great respect for his unique, eclectic musical compositions which span jazz and classical idioms.  He is the only jazz composer to have ever been nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Contemporary Classical Composition.  In addition to composing orchestral music, David composes and plays piano with The Body Acoustic.  The Grammy-nominated Latin jazz group plays a mixture of Latin jazz music with 12-tone and contemporary classical harmonies


Featured Track on Wake Up Your Ears

Chesky’s spirited piano rags should be crystal clear and precise, a transparent window back to the sound at the session. The nine-foot grand piano’s dynamics are unrestrained, so try to play “Rag No. 18” at a realistic level, if you dare!  David Chesky’s solo piano rags are inspired by life in the bustling and intense metropolis of New York City, a place he has called home since 1974.  Recorded in Binaural+ for both speaker and 3D headphone playback, this track has EXTREME dynamics.


To purchase the exclusive Wake Up Your Ears sampler, featuring David Chesky, available to Audiogon members only, click here.

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