It’s a Hit: Wake Up Your Ears Sampler

Audiogon’s Wake Up Your Ears Sampler is getting rave reviews!
I downloaded 24/192, and yes, it was $4.98. I have only briefly listened, but they seem to all be very well done recordings. I just want to make everyone aware and to thank Audiogon for this terrific value.” — Timlub

“I just downloaded and listened to this new sampler from HDTracks. Priced at just $4.98 and available in 16/44.1, 24/96 and 24/192, it’s a great deal. Excellent sonics and choices of tunes. Produced by Chesky. Highly recommended!” — Mofimadness

“Listening to it now. Awesome music…sounds fantastic.” — Legalizeit



Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to get fifteen hand-selected tracks of high-resolution recordings to challenge your system for only $4.98! Plus you’ll get 15% off your next HD Tracks order!

To purchase the sampler, click here.

Each week on The Hub we’re posting an article on a Featured Artist from our sampler, giving you more info on their career and their track featured on our sampler. Read these to get another taste of what you’ll be listening to with your purchase. Click here to see our Featured Sampler Artists section.

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