Amarra Vinyl: Reinvigorating Records

One of the four products we are offering on Audiogon through Sonic Studio is Amarra Vinyl for Macs – the complete toolset for vinyl recording, restoration, and delivery.

For a limited time, get Amarra Vinyl for $239 ($50 off) and receive a FREE copy of Amarra Hifi with your purchase!



At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012, we got goosebumps listening to a record restored by using the DeClick and DeCrackle functions available on Amarra Vinyl. Take a listen below.

Now, the power to restore your damaged or older vinyl is just a mouse click away! With Amarra Vinyl, you’ll have the NoNoise II DeClick and DeCrackle built in to remove pops and scratches with surgical accuracy. A clean record only does so much to restore sound – NoNoise II makes nicks history!

Another great feature of Amarra Vinyl is the recording options. If you’re looking to digitize your vinyl or even tape(!) collection without losing the music’s soul, this is the way to go. The Sonic Studio Audio Engine is the industry standard in the professional mastering industry. Digital engineers have relied on Sonic Studio since 1992 when the first Sonic systems enabled major record companies to begin releasing their back vinyl catalogs on CD.

Amarra Vinyl lets you record your albums directly into your Mac with no loss of quality. Not only can you choose to maintain the authentic sound by recording in Mono or Stereo, but you can also use drag/drop to edit previously recorded files from your Finder or iTunes. Sample rates up to 192 kHz are supported, and you’ll be able to edit using precise waveforms and metering.  Then with a simple and intuitive interface, you can export files as .WAV or .AIFF with the metadata intact.

Save your music in full resolution and with a touch of the mouse. Insert your tracks into iTunes for easy access and ongoing enjoyment. You’ve already spent oodles of dough on collecting rare vinyl or tapes – Amarra Vinyl enables you to back them up faithfully as well as make them more readily accessible.

To sign up for a free trial or to purchase Amarra Vinyl or other Amarra products at a special discount for Audiogon members, click here.

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