Introducing the NEW TTW Eliminator 9N OCC Copper Phono Cable

Designed and built for Turntables /Tone Arms….it is all we do


The TTW Eliminator DIN phono cable is designed for use in high-end analog systems. This includes use with the very best moving coil phono cartridges where musicality, precision, and quiet operation are critical.






For maximum channel separation and noise rejection, the left and right channels use independent cable assemblies from the DIN tonearm connection to the RCA (or optional XLR) phono preamplifier inputs. This adds to the overall cost and assembly time of the cable but ensures the very best performance.


Each (left/right channel) cable assembly is comprised of four Teflon insulated 24AWG 7N Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper conductors with a purity of 99.99999% (7N). Each conductor is multi-stranded using three different strand gauge sizes to optimize transfer of low, midrange, and high frequencies. The cable utilizes a double shielding system with each Teflon insulated conductor individually shielded with a conductive polymer coating and the entire conductor assembly with a full braided copper external shield. The conductive polymer coating, thick external polymer jacket, and Techflex covering provide superior vibration damping ensuring that the cable is free of microphonic behavior.


The cable assembly undergoes deep-cryogenic treatment at -310F to improve conductivity, resulting in improved low-level detail retrieval.


DIN Connection: Angle DIN style. Cryogenically-Treated High Purity Oxygen-Free Copper (HPOFC) gold-plated pins, Teflon body, CNC machined brass barrel with flash Chrome finish.


RCA Connection: Cryogenically-Treated Gold-Plated OCC copper RCA connectors using our exclusive custom-made 303 Stainless Steel RCA barrels (designed to increase EMI/RFI shielding and reduce microvibration).


(optional) XLR Connection: Cryogenically-Treated Gold-Plated Copper Alloy XLR connectors using our exclusive custom-made 303 Stainless Steel XLR barrels (designed to increase EMI/RFI shielding and reduce microvibration).


Ground Connection: Cryogenically-Treated Gold-Plated copper spade termination with Teflon insulated silver-plated copper ground wire. The ground wire is a minimum of 6”/15cm longer thancable length to allow flexibility in equipment grounding.


Available Lengths: 1.2m standard, 2.0m or longer available as a custom order.


(optional) Cable Burn-in: 3 day burn-in using an audiodharma 3.5 Anniversary Edition CABLE COOKER.

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