Speakers as Objets d’art

Some speakers will always follow the Mies van der Rohe theory of design, boxy and austere.  They can sound fantastic, like Maggies. but if you’re not looking to camouflage your system, there are plenty of stylized speakers out there.  Designed mostly by small manufacturers, they can be a wink and a nod towards the Spouse Approval Factor, or simply give the listener an opportunity to show off his or her unique style.  Here’s a (very brief) collection of functional speaker art.  Which other designs should be included? Comment and share!




Echelon Audio
Echelon Audio


Mancave Metal
Mancave Metal


vivid audio GIYA G3
Vivid Audio GIYA G3


Wavebox's horn
Wavebox’s horn
B&W's Blueroom Baby Dada
B&W’s Blueroom Baby Dada


Fred Williamson's Coration
Fred Williamson’s Coration


KEF's Blade
KEF’s Blade


B&W's Emphasis
B&W’s Emphasis


So what are some of the funkiest or most interesting speakers you’ve seen?  Do you care what they look like as long as they sound good?  Or do you prefer to go the traditional route?  Let us know in the comments!

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