Audiogon’s Sonic Spectacular – Last Chance for Free Music!

audiogon-sonic-spectacular-cover-01 (1)

Today is the last day to pick up the Sonic Spectacular Sampler by Chesky Records for free with any new* purchase of either an Amarra product or Audiogon’s Wake Up Your Ears sampler!

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Are you just starting down the digital road and realizing that iTunes could sound better on your Mac? Then Amarra HiFi is for you.  Boasting some of the same technology used by recording engineers, Amarra brings your music to life.  With Amarra Symphony, you’ll really hear all those natural sounds and nuances as if you’re at a live performance.  Finally, Amarra Vinyl includes everything in other Amarra products plus adds DeClick and DeCrackle software – perfect for audiophiles transferring their record collections!  Choose any one of these products and get a 15% discount as well as free music from HDtracks! Use coupon code agonfireworks15.


We couldn’t be more pleased with the hand-selected tracks on the Wake Up Your Ears sampler, and from what Members have told us, neither could you! Recording without any studio trickery, David Chesky understands how to get the most out of any performance.  You’ll be able to hear all the subtleties usually stripped away and overdubbed on typical recordings so you’ll know you’re getting the real deal.  To learn more about the tracks and get your own copy, click here.  Within a few days of your purchase, will send you a link to download the free Sonic Spectacular Sampler.


Amarra – Learn more

Wake Up Your Ears – Learn more


*Offer for free music applies to new purchases of Amarra products or Wake Up Your Ears sampler only


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