Music Once Loved, Now Not So Much?

Do you have songs that used to light your fire, but now just feel like a wet blanket?  Can audiophiles really hate any music or is it like Audiogon Member Mapman says,  “you might need a better system to appreciate it again”?

Here’s what some of you had to say:

Most of the music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, it’s all old news now!

First thing that comes to mind is the Cat Stevens album “Tea for the Tillerman”. At the time when it came out, I thought that it was so great; now I think that it’s incredibly trite. I think he was just pandering to a certain audience at the time, and he was just a polished poseur. What a jackass he turned out to be.


I don’t agree to your thread. As a music lover I might NOT LIKE certain music. But HATE is too strong a word for music, and it is not what I feel. I used to listen to a lot of pop music as a teenager that I don’t like to listen to any more – especially the ones with “electronicky” music, as they feel “noisy”.
But hey, I do enjoy dancing to some new music with my 4 year old on the new songs from Beyonce, Britney, Lady Ga-Ga, Timberland, etc. on his mom’s iPod connected to some computer speakers. And I don’t like to these “numbers” on my main system.

(cringe) Alan Parsons Project.

Well, hate is a strong word but here’s a few that don’t get much play time here:

3 Dog Night
Fleetwood (Buckingham/Nicks) Mac
Bad Company
David Bowie
Grand Funk Railroad

U2 takes the cake for me on this one. I don’t *hate* them, but Bono makes me cringe nowadays.

Maybe we just “grow out” of certain music genres. I used to love the Oldies but Goodies – grew up with them – but now, even though there is a ton of them in my library, they rarely get listened to. Now it is some Classical (which I “hated” growing up) and easy listening jazz. We change! That’s the beauty of music, it accommodates our ever evolving preferences for music.

Not hate, but…
Katrina & the Waves
The Go Go’s
The Knack
Lena Lovich
and most of this genre during this time period.


Boston: limited catalog and way overplayed.

Gotta say Fleetwood Mac stock overall is down for me of late but still love a lot of their stuff and Lindsey Buckingham in particular.

Other than that I like most everything better today than before because my system is better and everything sounds better and even new and fresh in many ways. Especially the case with nicely remastered older R&R and R&B tunes.

Remastered Chuck Berry sounds absolutely kick-a– these days. Never thought that before though I knew the tunes were classics.

I struggle with Miles Davis surprisingly sometimes these days, but have not given up there.

I’m also rediscovering a lot of tasty tidbits from that era that I used to think to be largely lost musically, the 80’s.

And Duke Ellington is still a mother lode for me that I have only touched upon to-date.

“Most of the music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, it’s all old news now! ”

So is Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Still classic music though!

smooth jazz

Add to those already astutely listed:

Tangerine Dream
Roxy Music

“What did the Deadhead say when he ran out of drugs?”

“Man, this band sucks!”

I can certainly relate to “Puerto”, as I too listened to Oldies and Countrry music. All my country cd’s I sold, and even though I have hundreds of oldies, rarely do I listen to them. I am now into Classical, Smooth Jazz and Opera. What a change! My age must be showing!

Seals & Croft

I’ll second Cat Stevens and Alan Parsons.

On the other hand, I’ve grown more fond of KC and the Sunshine Band, Nina Simone and Funkadelic (Maggot Brain). Ha!

Well, you made things interesting by asking about “music that I now hate, that I used to love”. (With the “used to love” bit making it pretty impossible for me to think of any music that falls into that category. If I loved some music before, I still at least like it, or tolerate it in the very worst cases. And any music that I actually hate, I don’t think I ever liked, but perhaps I tolerated it. (i.e. Tolerating meaning that I wouldn’t turn it off if it came on the radio.)

However, if you had said music that I now dislike, that I used to like, I can think of a few examples, including:

Jackson Browne
(Basically any of those bland ’70s and ’80’s bands);-)

I think that as youthful idealism fades out with age, musical tastes for things like Jackson Browne and Cat Stevens and a lot of old hippy-like ideals tends to fade as well.

Its something worth trying to hold onto though. Idealism beats cynicism any day in my book! After all, not all hippies turned out to be superficial phonies, right?

A little cynicism to temper the idealism is usually a good idea too.

So no reason to categorically reject any kind of music in my mind. We need it all, like yin and yang.


Glad nobody has listed “The Moody Blues”, at least not yet.

Love Alan Parson’s more than ever!


“Another Side of Bob Dylan,” “The Times They Are a-Changin’,” and most of Mr. Zimmerman’s catalogue post “Blood on the Tracks.”
again and see if that help.
Welcome back, my friends, to the thread that never ends …
Come inside, the show’s about to start!

Sounds like a mid life crisis to me! I can’t and won’t go as far as hating music I once loved to listen to. That to me would be likened to hating or ignoring periods of your own life. It,s nice once and a while to rediscover some of it as much as its nice to discover new. Cheers

More like……… can no longer relate, than hate 🙂

Bowie is stone classic and IMO never gets old. YES, OTOH, is on my list of music that I loved when I was younger but sounds a bit soulless to me now.

Has2be i can agree more, i love all the music i loved then, and still do, music takes me to where i was at the time, and the memories. ow can i hate any of it, and i an old man 60, but i still dig Peter , Paul @ Mary. LOL

Man, I probably wore out at least 5 Cat Stevens albums; and by wore out, I mean I smoothed them grooves. Now, maybe a couple of times a year I’ll toss in “Tea for the Tillerman” if I’m feeling kind of nostalgic or something. Out of nothing more than pure stubbornness, I might make it through 4 or 5 songs. Too bad really, I was just coming into adulthood when TFT came out and Cat served as philosopher most high to many of us back then. It’s the same way with the “The Graduate”. I might actually of set some kind of record for most viewings of a movie if it weren’t for my buddy Frank and “Billy Jack”.

Leave Yes alone. My all time Progressive rock favorite. Wish the “Yessongs” remaster was better quality. It will always be a one of a kind great to me. True their music had no soul, but soulless? That’s just not fair. They were musical virtuoso.

Don’t get me wrong, YES is an awesome band, and they are members of the great Pantheon. I think what I should have said is that they tend to be hit or miss for me, with their strong songs being damn good and their weaker ones being…well, weak.

I like YES and did not mean to speak badly of their musical ability or their creativity. They are VERY good, but they tend to be hit or miss in their catalogue IMO.

April Wine

Did any of you love Vanilla Fudge when they first broke on the scene? I tried to listen to their first album a while ago and couldn’t believe how terrible they were! I remember thinking that they were really “heavy” back then, must have been stoned! LOL!!

Doobie Brothers, ELO, Wings (all McCartney post Beatles), U2, Boston. Listen to all the dead guys now from the jazz and classical catalogs!

I forgot Heart, Eddie Money, Huey Lewis & the News, Jimmy Buffet and Chicago

Return to Forever.
Uriah Heep.

Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. Had my first french kiss with my future ex-wife at a dance during the song. Heard it so many times that I can’t stand it anymore. Whenever I hear it on radio, I change stations.

-ELP had big skill but may have been a bit McClassical and heavy on the cheese.
-Still have enough brain left to know that the 1st two Mahavishnu Orchestra albums suffer no similar defects and are solid inspired works that dwarf nearly every rock or electric jazz recording ever made.
-Never was in love w/ the 80’s King Crimson or Genesis stuff, but like it less now than I did when it first came out.
-On last hearing, Herbie Hancock /Future Shock seemed pretty weak and way inferior to the record I thought it was.

ac/dc for me. when mr scott checked out (rip), so did i.

Gentle Giant

Opa Trio

Okay, as already said, “hate” would be a little strong for any of this, but…

Doobie Brothers — loved tunes like “One Step Closer” when I was in high school…
ELP — yes and no. Just cued up Tarkus on vinyl for the first time in many moons and it sounded great. Still like a lot of “Trilogy.” Brain Salad Surgery’s become unlistenable for me, though.
Al Jarreau…

Best example: MTV. I used to enjoy MTV as a source of new music. Late night shows like “120 Minutes” were great in the 80’s. Today, the emphasis seems to be on reality shows about people with little or no redeeming value or rap artists who will not be remembered 6 months from now because they will be in prison. Do you really want to hang out with Snookie? It used to be about music.

There’s a painfully long list, which Alan Parsons Project stands at the top of. Pablo Cruise. Rick Wakeman. Dan Fogleberg. Tim Weisberg.

What do you think?  Tell us in the comments!


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