ENIGMAcoustics To Make Its RMAF Debut

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ENIGMAcoustics Inc.
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August 30, 2013

ENIGMAcoustics (Irvine, California) makes its long-awaited Rocky Mountain Audio Fest debut in Denver, Co., this October with the award-winning and widely acclaimed Sopranino self-polarizing electrostatic super tweeter, the first of its kind in the world and already recognized as one of the finest super tweeters ever created.

“The Sopranino didn’t sound like a super-tweeter adding a bit of sparkle on top. Rather, the
improvement was in textures, transient detail, and transparency through the mids and treble. The
soundstage expanded, with greater space between instruments and increased dimensionality.”
– Robert Harley from T.H.E. Newport Beach 2013, The Absolute Sound

“Sopraninos added air and extension by allowing harmonics to expand beyond the imaginary physical boundaries I experienced without them…Their sonic neutrality, speed and wide dispersion pattern along with the frequency and sensitivity adjustment options make them versatile performers.”
– Don Shaulis, StereoTimes.com, June 2013

“The Sopranino injected a whiff of the spectacular. With it came a shift in listening attitude. I no longer followed the music groove like a bit of drenched driftwood. I was actively riding it.”
– Srajan Ebaen, 6Moons.com, July 2013

Also making its RMAF debut is the Mythology M1 Series, a full-range high performance bookshelf  speaker by ENIGMAcoustics. Custom-tailored to integrate with the unprecedented SBESL™ (SelfBiased Electrostatic Loudspeaker) technology, Mythology utilizes highly rigid and hybrid cabinet  structure with laminated birch wood, tempered glass and machined aluminum baffles with integrated speaker stands that are both aesthetically astonishing and acoustically transparent. Combining with phase-coherent design for optimal transient performance, the result is a breathtakingly seamless fusion of entirely custom-made dynamic and ESL drivers that is truly groundbreaking.

In his 2013 CA Audio Show report, Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound wrote: “(Mythology’s) Sonics were impressive – detailed and spacious with an ease and openness that instantly perks up the ear. As a stand alone product I was initially somewhat skeptical of the super tweeter piggyback concept assuming it would distort the HF balance but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It adds an element of spaciousness and air to the top end but leaves the intrinsic character of the speaker in tact.”

The 10th Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
Friday October 11 – Sunday October 13, 2013
Denver Marriott Tech Center
Suites 465 & 466
4900 S. Syracuse Street
Denver, CO 80237
RMAF website: http://www.audiofest.net

11 Chrysler, Irvine, CA 92618, USA | +1.949.340.7590 Office | [email protected]


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