– Release Notes – 09.23.13

We’ve enhanced the Feedback view.

When you access a Member’s feedback score via Member Look-up, you will now see feedback data from the past twelve months.

updated fb member lookup


By clicking on an username from Member Look-up, listing or email, you’re now able to see their score for the past twelve months, as well as the overall score plus the user comments regarding the transactions.

feedback new

The score, percentage and number of completed transactions for the past 12 months also displays on any listing.

listing view fb update

Should you want to see the Seller’s all-time feedback, simply hover your mouse over the 12-month score to see the total pop-up.  As before, clicking on the Seller’s name will bring you to their feedback page where you can read the transaction-specific evaluations.

feedback on listings1hover


Over the next few months, you may notice some subtle changes on and The Hub by Audiogon.  The majority of these changes will be cosmetic, but we will let you know about any new functionality.

If you have any questions, please contact Audiogon’s Support Team here.  Thanks for your continued interest in Audiogon!

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