Join Cary Audio at RMAF 2013



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OCTOBER 8, 2013

A tube lover’s dream…and something special to “stream” about…..

Come visit Cary Audio and ADAM Audio in suite 8025 at the Denver
Marriott Tech Center Hotel, October 11-13 for Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
2013. Cary Audio will be showing an all tube reference system playing a
variety of high resolution and standard music files through a PC laptop
HDD via USB as well as IP network and direct HDD storage.

Our main system will use tubes from top to bottom driving the ADAM Audio
Column Mk3 speakers. Starting at the top, we’ll be showing our hugely
successful, and much talked about USB tube DAC. The DAC-100t is a high
resolution 24/192 Asynchronous XMOS USB DAC. It also does 24/192 over
SPDIF coaxial and Toslink inputs. The Analog section incorporates a pair
of 6922 tubes for differential balanced and single ended outputs.
Receiving the tube DAC-100t is the renowned SLP-05 all tube preamplifier
running in pure class A from input to output. The SLP-05 in turn feeds
our top-of-the-line CAD-211FE mono block amplifiers. Each mono block is
a cornucopia of tube bliss. Utilizing 6CA7 current source tube, 6SL7
input tube, a pair of 300B driver tubes, and a pair of 845 output tubes
for a rich, detailed, musical sound that must be heard!

Cary Audio will also be showing a glimpse into the future with our
upcoming solution to all things digital and streaming. The DMS-500 is a
high resolution DLNA/UPnP network streaming component capable of playing
32 Bit, 192kHz music files from network computers, NAS drives, or direct
from its two (2) USB Type-A inputs that accept up to 3TB HDD’s and flash
drives. It also includes the convenience of AptX Bluetooth connectivity
as well as internet radio. Oh yeah, it’s also a high resolution 32/192
DAC with coaxial and Toslink inputs. All DLNA functionality is control
by iOS and Android DLNA/UPnP apps. Be sure to stop by and see it!

Our secondary system will be Cary Audio’s Audio Electronics line of
components that are available direct to the consumer for an unparalleled
price to performance ratio of any audio components on the market today
and all hand built in the USA. As the source, the Audio Electronics
Lightning USB XMOS DAC, a cousin to our top-end Cary Audio DAC-100 and
100t, will be feeding our tube Audio Electronics Constellation
preamplifier, driving our EL34 tube amplifier, the Hercules. A mighty 30
watt tube amplifier that sounds MUCH bigger. This system will be driving
the ADAM Audio Compact Mk3 speakers. Come see us for special show

Billy Wright, President/CEO, of Cary Audio will be on hand to answer any
questions about Cary Audio or Audio Electronics products.

We look forward to seeing you in Denver!

About Cary Audio

A manufacturer of high-end audio and video electronics, Cary Audio is
known for delivering innovative, no-compromise high-end audio and audio
video designs to owners worldwide. Cary Audio’s award winning product
lines have received accolades from many influential audio enthusiast
magazines. Visit
for complete product specifications and additional information.

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