RMAF 2013 ~Test-Driving the Mobile App

We're still going strong on day 3!

We don’t just go to shows like RMAF to take pictures of the latest gear; we go because they provide us with the opportunity to get out from behind the screen and meet you. Hearing your stories and listening to your feedback, both positive and negative, inspires us to continue moving forward. Your input is profoundly important in our on-going development process.  Over the weekend, we asked you to test-drive our new Mobile App and here’s what you said.

“It has a really easy to understand interface.” Miles, 48

“Very smooth and really quick transitions from one page to the next.” Gary, 45


“This app is going to make it way easier for me to check new for-sale items. In fact, it might be a little dangerous – might become addicting!” Peter, 38

“I can enter a listing and take pictures within the app? Oh, wow, that’s super smart!” Quon, 36

“Haha, no more tiny photos to squint at when I’m on my iPad!” Jerry, 62

“Beautiful graphics.” Liz, 54

“I really like how intuitive it is; very simple.  Even my dad could use it if he ever got away from his “dumb” phone!” Joe, 29

“When you’re trying to run a business, an app like this one makes emailing interested parties a lot less time-consuming. Much better instant communication.” Larry, 57

al rmaf
Alex Clay had a lot of fun showing off the app!

It’s great to hear that we’re heading in the right direction. However, we’re not done yet – we’ll be incorporating your suggestions in the app’s next iteration for Member testing.  That means that we’re looking for volunteers to download and critique the app from a Member’s point of view.  What do you like? Is there something that we can do better? Are there any actions that are missing from the app?  Sign up!

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