Behind the Scenes at Audiogon

What to watch for in the next few months on Audiogon:

Expanded Flat Fee Listing options

Nearly two months ago, Audiogon launched the $25 Flat Fee Listing option. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we will be adding new listing options in the coming weeks. Are you sick of transaction fees? Then choose a Flat Fee listing option and never pay a transaction fee on those listings again!


We’ve beefed up our Fraud and Compliance departments with the addition of a new team member and updated protocols. With over twenty years of experience, the F/C Team is dedicated to keeping Audiogon safe for your enjoyment.


We are updating and expanding the Bluebook to be better than ever. In addition to subscriptions for frequent look-ups, you’ll be able to look-up individual items as well as see values for trade-in, new retail, and private sale. The new user interface will have a more intuitive feel with redesigned search criteria and easy item look-up. With Bluebook, you’ll be able to price your item right the first time!

Mobile App

We received great suggestions from users who test drove the App at RMAF! Incorporating them into the Member Experience beta test has pushed our launch back a little bit. We will begin our testing period soon and hope to have the App out to Members within the first quarter of 2014. Your suggestions and feedback have been invaluable – keep them coming!

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