To clean new/sealed records or not to clean?

Audiogoner Robertsong asks the vinylheads: “I have some sealed albums that I want to play for the first time. Should I clean with a solution first? I know Mofi makes a “Super Deep Cleaner” which can be used for this purpose.”

I clean every, (new and used) record before it touches my turntable. I am currently using the L’Art du Son fluid with a VPI HW 16.5 vacuum unit. Once the L’Art du Son runs out, I am going to try the Audio Intelligence #6 fluid.

My assumption would be the MFSL SDC would be better for used records that are less than NM condition. With a NEW record or nice used record, I use the Audio Intelligent #6 w/ my VPI 16.5. I have the MFSL SDC sealed, but haven’t tried it. Most all my records tend to be NM, so I suppose for that reason only….

1) Is your stylus a valued one? If so, then yes
1a) Do you have an RCM? If so, then yes.

1) If not, then no.
1a) If no, then no.

enjoy the music…

All records new or used should be cleaned before playing. I agree with Mofimadness, AI #6 is an excellent one step solution. Remember, a vinyl lp can never be too clean !

For new and sealed records I just brush them and then I vacuum that dust up.

Brand new records , in paper sleeves , will have paper dust . It can not be avoided . How you clean it is the subject of many threads all over the place .

Good luck

yep – for all the above stated reasons – not sure why I even responded to this…I added absolutely nothing. Cheers!

They still make new records? Now that is an amazing fact!


In addition to dust, many LPs have residues from the pressing process left in the grooves. Playing LPs before cleaning them risks (a) not hearing all the music and (b) premature vinyl or stylus wear that could have been avoided.

Fact is even new records sounds better, especially in the highs, when cleaned.

Feel free to chime in, Audiogoners!

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