How’d You Like This In Your Christmas Stocking?

The Earo Eight is an instrument of revelation and will flatter good recordings while uncovering poor ones. The Eight produces a broad, detailed and dynamic soundfield with very low distortion making it a listeners speaker due to the controlled dispersion, you sit down and become immersed in the musical performance.

Shown above in Ferrari Red, it would certainly be nice to find the Earo Eight in your Christmas stocking, wouldn’t it?  How about finding something else in Ferrari Red – like an actual 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider in your driveway?!?

2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

For obvious reasons, this listing certainly caught our eye.  Bundling the Earo Eight with a 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is a little unusual for Audiogon, so we contacted the member and local distributor, Psjofors.  He confirmed that the package also includes the following items:

– Dirac Live, the premier room correction software and the choice of Rolls Royce, Bentley and the BMW M series, among others.

– An Apple Macbook Pro Laptop computer.

– A premium DAC.

We had the pleasure of listening to the Earo Eights back at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach in June. “Clarity” is a term thrown around fairly often, but the “they [the performers] are here” concept was very much at play. Earo may not be a household name, but it ought to be.

For more information about the Earo Eight and the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, check out the listing.

earo-eight-5spider 458 interior

2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider side


earo_eight_2        Interior 2            earo-eight living   Interior 3

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