ICYMI: Most Discussed Hub Stories 2013

Thanks to all our Members who made the Hub’s inaugural year such a blast!

If you missed one of the enlightening, bizarre, or humorous discussions on the Hub last year or just want to see who agreed with you, here are links to the Top 5 Most Discussed Hub stories of 2013.   Add your dark secret to “You Know You’re An Audiophile When…” or compare notes on “Is Vinyl Making a Comeback?” plus three more.  Grab a beverage, turn on some tunes, and just click a title to start!

 Audiophile when You Know You’re An Audiophile When… Yes, we have our quirks.  Have a laugh reading some of the truest, weirdest, and funniest comments.  
 burn in question Is Burn-In a Lie?  Peter Aczel wrote this article back in 2000.  See why it’s still getting us all hot and bothered today  
 music collection Is Vinyl Making a Comeback?  Record manufacturers, including some holdovers from vinyl’s heyday, say they’re running at full capacity and still unable to complete all the orders they have. Is that all that’s going on?  
 cd-waste Are Redbook CDs Obsolete?  Are high quality CDs going the way of cassettes and 8-tracks? Many of our Members are cautiously optimisitic; see why here.  
 jbl Studio 530 Monitor JBL 530 Speaker Review by Audiogoner Txteabag. With a sense of humor and a slightly NSFW tone, this review got the community talking.  



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