My TT Is the Weak Link! Help!


With a pretty nice system, (Wilson Audio Sophias, Musical Fidelity KW 500, Musical Fidelity Trivista DAC, and Musical Fidelity CD player), Audiogoner Arsh knows that his Music Hall MMF7 turntable is the weakest link.  Though he has no real complaints, it feels like something’s missing. Will buying a new TT or adding tweaks fill the void?

(Since he also asks if buying more records is a solution, it sounds like he’s got a touch of the Audiophile’s Malaise…)

Do you have a clamp/weight, a nice scale & protractor? Those items can propel any table into new heights for way less than an upgrade.

I have the clamp that comes with the table, but no scale or protractor. You think some adjustments could make a big difference? I had the table set up by a pretty good dealer.

I too, would be interested in your view of the clamp .
Happy Tunes

Is your phono pre built into the KW500? The best bang for your money would be a good tubed phono preamp.

You say you have no complaints, so what do you feel is missing sound-wise? I do not know how good the phono stage in your integrated is but a separate outboard phono stage might improve things. Yes you good buy a Pricier VPI or Clearaudio turntable and upgrade the cartridge but you are correct that you will have to spend some serious money. Do you primarily listen to vinyl or are you basically a digital guy?

Some tweaks might help, but in the end, you’re right that your vinyl rig is weak compared to your digital setup.

I’ve found that to do vinyl as well as good digital requires a larger investment. My universal disc player retails for $6K and it’s quite good. OTOH, my TT, tonearm, cartridge and phono stage would retail for a combined $25K+. Now they’re well beyond “quite good”, but even to match the $6K digital player would probably cost at least twice as much.

Should you do that or buy more LPs? Only you can decide that. If there’s music on LP you’re dying to hear, buy it. OTOH, if you really wouldn’t enjoy it on your present rig, upgrade that and add LPs as you can. It’s a personal decision no one but you can make. 🙂

Look for a used VPI classic table. The VPI will be a good leap ahead of the mmf-7. And you have enough cash left over for more vinyl. That’s a no brainer good luck.

I had an MM7 and once I changed out the stock Goldring for a Lyra Delos, this TT came alive. The MM7 is good enough that it will respond to and take advantage of an upgrade of cartridge. Recently, I bought an Ortofon 2M Black MM cart and this is a stunner for much less $ than the Lyra. I’m simply saying that I would not be too quick to judge that it is the MM7 that is the limiting element; it is a solid and very quiet table.


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