Introducing Audio Bluebook 2.0


 Audiogon Relaunches Industry Leading Audio Bluebook for High-End Audio Equipment

Prices from 500+ Listings Added Daily

GREENVILLE, SC –, The High-End Audio Community, today announced the launch of it’s all new Audio Bluebook (, a comprehensive directory of pricing data for high-end audio and related equipment. Audio Bluebook features more than 3,000 brands and 35,000 individual products with nearly 300,000 individual price points.

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“Setting the right price when listing an item for sale at is critical”, said Lindsey Schulz, Chief Operating Officer. “Too high and it won’t sell. Too low and you leave money on the table. Audio Bluebook shows you a recommended Private Party price, Trade-In value and our proprietary Agon Average, all based on the largest repository of historical pricing data for high-end audio equipment available online today.”

In addition to leveraging data gathered from listings dating back to it’s inception in 1997, Audio Bluebook imports prices from the more than 500 items listed for sale at every day.

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Access to Audio Bluebook is offered via monthly ($19.99) and annual ($99.99) subscriptions or via a one time lookup ($4.99). Additionally, Audiogon has integrated Audio Bluebook directly into it’s listing process, making it easier than ever to determine the market price for whatever you are selling.

“Audiogon’s Audio Bluebook has taken a huge leap forward recently in its functionality and ease of use”, commented Andres Sauceda, General Manager of Hanson Audio Video. I use it on a daily basis, not only to know what the market value is for an item, but to have the inside information I need to decide if I should make an offer or hold out. As a dealer, Audio Bluebook is a critical, must-have tool and it will remain part of my recipe for success.”

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