Sony’s Bottled Walkman

Remember how cool the Sony Walkman was when it first hit the market? It didn’t really matter that it wasn’t “great” sound because you could tune out the rest of the world while taking the subway to work or trying your best to ignore your uncles shouting over whose football team was best.

Sony’s W series Walkman is reminiscent of that era, except that this one is a fully-submersible mp3 player/headphone combo.  It may not be “audiophile level” but with 4GB of music storage and a quick charge feature that allows for 90 minutes of playtime, you can definitely get through your laps feeling a little less fatigued.

Check out the video by the advertising firm to see the ingenious way Sony is trying to get this product noticed.

For about $100, is this Bottled Walkman something you think you’ll be adding to your gym bag?

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