Audio Bluebook, Remastered


Audiogon’s original Audio Bluebook has been around for over a decade. While still functional, it was in dire need of some TLC and all around modernization. Enter Bluebook 2.0 – completely redesigned with a new tech stack and, most importantly, tight integration with  Plus we’re adding data from 500+ new listings, every day!!

Here’s quick look at the key features included in this release of Bluebook 2.0.

Finding What You’re Looking For

When we started working on the new user interface, we wanted to make it simple and intuitive. To that end, the top level landing page for the site provides 3 ways to get where you’re going.

  • An alphabetical index of all Brands
  • Directory of Top Brands (most active)
  • Full text search across Brands and Models.


Organized by Brand or Category

When displaying a specific Brand, Bluebook organizes equipment by product Category. This makes is quick and easy to browse a specific brand’s list of items that have Bluebook history.


When searching a specific Category, search results are grouped by Brand.


Three Valuations to Help You Set (or Pay) the Right Price

In addition to displaying the Retail Price, Bluebook 2.0 also offers these three important numbers:

  • The agon logo trademarked copy.jpgAverage. An item’s snapshot value that will help you determine an advantageous selling price in the Audiogon Marketplace.
  • Private Sale valuation. By analyzing marketplace transactions, we’re able to provide you with a price reflective of current trends.
  • Trade-in Value. An estimated value you can expect to get from a retail or local dealer if you trade in your item.


Integration with’s New Listing Form and NEW Single Lookup

Let’s say you’re ready to sell that Linn LP-12 Basik turntable.  As you enter the Brand and Model on the New Listing form, Bluebook is hard at work in the background checking to see if your item has a match in the catalog. If so, the New Listing form will let you know by presenting you with the option to open the item’s Bluebook profile in a new tab. You’ll need a subscription (monthly for $19.99 or annual for $99.99) to view actual pricing data, or you can buy a Single Lookup for $4.99.


The Right Price, Every Time

Selling high-end audio equipment without knowing its market value increases the likelihood that you’ll price your item too high and drive away potential offers, or that you’ll price too low, possibly ensuring a sale while leaving money on the table. For that reason, we recommend relying on Audio Bluebook to set the price for every listing.


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