Bang & Olufsen enters the wireless game

Bang & Olufsen introduces “Immaculate Wireless sound”
but will audiophiles bite?


For serious audio and home theater enthusiasts, wireless systems typically meant sacrificing quality for the sake of convenience. Recognizing that fans of good sound shouldn’t have to make any trade-offs, Bang & Olufsen developed the BeoLab line of speakers. Earlier this year, B&O completed the package with the BeoLab Transmitter 1 and BeoLab Receiver 1.

According to Lars Fredsgaard, Category Director for speakers, the transmitter/receiver launch further confirms Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to high-end wireless surround sound. “BeoLab Transmitter 1 and BeoLab Receiver 1 extend our Immaculate Wireless Sound capabilities to most Bang & Olufsen equipment users might already have,” he explains. “Now, adding extra speakers or a subwoofer to create an amazing surround system no longer requires running wires all over the room. And setting up a wireless sound system with existing equipment has never been easier.”

Using the WiSA™ industry standard for wireless audiophile components makes this B&O offering sound more promising than other plug and play options. The platform utilizes the relatively uncongested 5.2–5.8 GHz range to avoid interference from other signals, and to provide enough bandwidth to stream 24-bit, uncompressed music at native sampling rates.  Jim Venable, WiSA President, goes into more detail below.

One of the perks of being WiSA compliant is scalability. Per the association’s site, “WiSA-compliant products are tested for reliable interoperability among transmitter and speaker brands, which is particularly important when it comes to scaling a home theater system.” At this price point, interoperability might make the BeoLab components more attractive for the budget-conscious; BeoLab Transmitter 1, $525; BeoLab 17 compact speakers, pair $3,990; BeoLab 18 floor speakers, pair $6,590; BeoLab 19 wireless subwoofer, $3,395; BeoVision 11 HDTV, $5,995.

Learn more about the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab “Immaculate Wireless Sound” system here.

sources: Bang & Olufsen Press Release
Barron’s Gadget of the Week Feb 22

Audiogoners, as fans of B&O, do you welcome their foray into wireless sound?

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