New Website Features


Shopping Cart

Until now, paying for multiple listings meant individual PayPal or credit card transactions for each one or using your Account Balance to pay for them all at once. Not anymore. With our most recent update we’ve deployed a shopping cart that makes it a snap to pay for multiple listings (or listing upgrades, see below) all at once with a single PayPal or credit card transaction.

You’ll now see an “Add to Cart” button on the Preview pane of the New Listing form where you used to see a “Checkout” button. When you add a Listing to your cart you’ll get a summary with an itemized list of charges. If necessary, you can edit or remove Listings or add-ons without leaving the cart.

Pay Audiogon for Listings and Sellers for Items Purchased From One Screen

Your personal shopping cart will combine all items for which you need to pay Audigon into a single transaction. That includes as many Listings as you’d like to create and pay for all at once. It will also list all items for which you need to pay individual Sellers seperately so you can pay each seperately.

Shopping Cart Icon

The new shopping cart icon in the menu bar will let you know when you have something to pay for. That includes Listings you’ve created but not paid for, items you’ve won or chosen to buy directly from a Seller and upgrades to existing Listings.

Upgrade Active Listings

If you’ve got a Listing that needs some more attention you can now add Bold or Feature it to help it stand out, after it goes live. Previously the only time you could do either was while initially creating the Listing. To do this look for the “Add Bold” and “Add Featured” links in the Actions dropdown on any of your active listings.

Edit Listing Title

You can now edit the Title portion of your Listing’s headline. Just click the Edit link in the Actions dropdown on any active listing. Brand and Model cannot be edited.

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