Improved Photo Viewer


We’ve been hard at work making improvements to deliver a better user experience. Some of those changes are felt, not seen—like tweaks on the backend to increase site speed. Others, like our new photo viewer, are very noticeable.

We’ve completely redesigned how you interact with photos on listings and Virtual Systems, regardless if you are on desktop or mobile. We’re extremely excited about this.

In addition to the new layout just looking nicer, we’ve added the following features:


We’ve mirrored the gestures you already inherently know from using touchscreen devices. Swipe between images. Spread/Pinch to zoom in and out. Drag to pan. Double tap to zoom.
Gestures are also supported on desktop, as well.

Increased Image Quality

We’ve reduced compression and upped image outputs to render higher-quality photos.
We’ll be increasing our file size upload limit in the near future, which will allow for even more stunning photos of your gear.

Improved Details

The combination of enhanced zoom and increased image quality means you can now focus in on the smallest detail, knob or badging. Verify a serial number. Review the extent of a blemish. Take inventory of all the terminals.




Head on over to listings, and swipe to your fingers’ content.