Seller’s Checklist

As you get ready to list an item, or are going through the process, give yourself the best chance for success by following this checklist.

Alternatively, if you want to read about more in-depth strategies, features and tips. We also have our Advanced Selling Guide.


  1. Listing Content
  2. Photos
  3. Pricing and Offers
  4. Shipping
  5. Post-Listing & Re-Listing

Listing Content


The title is what will drive users to click on your listing, and is created from supplying the brand and model of your item, but you are able to add distinguishing, relevant information at the end.

Relevant Details To Include In Listing Title

  • Free Shipping
  • Item Condition
    • Demo Unit
    • Factory Re-Certified
  • One-Owner
  • Limited Edition
  • Colorway/Wood Finish
  • Tweaks/Upgrades


Use the official Audiogon Grading Scale for consistent grading compared to other users.

  • New: Unopened Factory shipment
  • 10/10: Mint – Essentially never used, factory fresh appearance!
  • 9/10: Excellent – Perfect physical condition, light use.
  • 8/10: Very Good – Perfect front face, 1 minor flaw on top or side is acceptable.
  • 7/10: Good – 1 or 2 minor scratches, looks used but well maintained.
  • 6/10: Fair – 3 to 4 minor scratches, or 1 major scratch, appears used.
  • 5/10: Average – Multiple scratches, including some on the front face.
  • 4/10: Mediocre – Rough physical condition, but all funtions work perfectly.
  • 3/10: Poor – Rather beat up, but all funtions work, maybe a knob is missing.
  • 2/10: Very Poor – Beat up, bent knobs or switch levers, some functional problems
  • 1/10: Shot – For parts use only


Shoppers want to know all about your item. Make it easy for them to get excited. Our users adore details so don’t sell your equipment short by not listing all of its features and benefits—no matter how minute or obscure.

Relevant Details To Include In Description

  • Brand Information
    • Copy details from company’s website
  • Item Information
    • Features
    • Benefits
    • Upgrades
  • Other Details
    • Year Manufactured
    • Owner History
    • Tweaks
    • Unique Characteristics
    • Visible Defects
  • What The Item Comes With
    • Does It Come In Pairs?
    • Includes Any Accessories?
    • Will it require any accessories?
  • Shipping Considerations
    • Restrictions
    • How Item Will Be Packed
      • Original Boxes
      • Require Crates
    • Shipping Costs and Insurance
    • Who Pays For What
  • Complexity of Sale
    • Basic Listings Restrict Contact Info
    • Use Premium Listings To Allow Buyer Contact Off-Site


Pictures are the most important aspect of your listing; people want to see what they are buying.

Best Practices for Taking Photos

  • Take multiple pictures from different angles
    • Four photos minimum (front, both sides and back)
    • More is better: Audiogon’s max is 16 photos
  • Take additional photos of accessories
    • Anything included with the item when it ships should be photographed
      • Original Box
      • Remote
      • Warranty Information
      • Any Product/Company Sales Brochures
  • Take additional photos of special features
  • Unique Features (speaker spikes/cones)
  • Close-Ups of Terminals/Inputs
  • Original Box
  • Remote

Buyers appreciate being able to see everything they are getting.

Photo Staging

We’ve touted the importance of quantity, but would be remiss if we didn’t touch on quality.

  • Take equipment to a well-lit staging area with a solid background for pictures
    • If moving equipment isn’t feasible, clear area around product to avoid clutter and mess
  • Use indirect lamps or overhead lights
    • Avoid using flash
  • Fill the frame with the product
  • Use a tripod to reduce chance of blur


  • Inspect your equipment carefully prior to selling
  • Be up-front about any blemishes
    • Document them with pictures no matter how minor they may be
    • Makes buyer fully informed
    • Reduces chance of a dispute

Pricing and Offers

You can have the most perfectly framed and lighted images and the most detailed listing, but ultimately your item still needs to be priced correctly to sell.

  • Asking price determines insertion fee
  • Be realistic
  • Use our Audio Bluebook to determine a recommended real market value
  • Determine whether you want to allow offers
    • Try to respond to all offers
    • You can automatically reject low-ball offers in account settings


Shipping Best Practices

  • Enter Shipping Dimensions
    • Although this is optional, we suggest entering details
    • Allows buyers to obtain accurate shipping quotes
    • Easier for local buyers to determine if pickup is viable
  • Choose Your Carrier
    • We suggest selecting all three major carriers to give buyers more options


No traction after two weeks of being live?

  • Listing Upgrades
    • Thumbnail
    • Bold
    • Featured Listing
  • Boost Your Listing
  • Lower Price
    • Research pricing and make sure it’s in-line with market value

If Your Item Sells

  • Get in touch with the buyer to communicate about logistics and delivery date
  • Print shipping labels directly from Audiogon
  • Pack up your equipment carefully
  • Leave, and solicit, feedback for your transaction

If Your Item Doesn’t Sell

  • Evaluate why
    • Change, or add more, pictures
    • Research pricing
    • Shipping Options
      • Buyers are wary of overcharging (flat rate)
      • If you haven’t, define shipping dimensions and carriers so users can get cost estimates
  • Re-List