Re-launch Update

Dear Audiogon Community,

Over the last several weeks we have made different announcements about the launch of our new and improved site.  I’m sure by now some of you might be wondering what is going on?  During this time we encountered technical problems, which we have been working diligently to fix.

Rest assured the new and improved Audiogon is coming.  With the Holiday season rapidly approaching we have decided that it’s best for us to launch right after the New Year.  It is imperative that the re-launch is up to our standards and yours.  Furthermore YOU, the community have told us that waiting until the Holiday’s are over is ideal.

In the meantime please enjoy the current site.  We greatly appreciate the patience and loyalty of our users.  We are making these changes to give you an improved and more enjoyable experience.

Happy Holiday’s and we look forward to bringing you a fantastic updated site in 2012!!

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