Site Launch Begins Today, January 5th

Site is currently in maintenance mode as we complete the update.  Please be patient while we finish this process.  

Please Read Before Commenting:

  • If you can’t currently see your listing: please be patient as all ads are being updated into the new system and should be on the new site shortly.
  • If your listing does not show correctly:  This is also due to the listings being updated, please be patient and it should soon show correctly.
  • You cannot login because user accounts are being updated, once they’re updated you will be able to login.
  • If the site is acting slow: we’re working very hard to speed things up, our goal is to make the new audiogon faster than the old one, but please be patient with us.
  • If you’re not happy with the search options:  We’re getting a lot of great feedback around how we can make search better and will be improving it over then next few weeks as well as getting the most requested feature which is search by zip code radius.
  • If your bookmarks are not working:  This will be fixed once the updating of listing is complete.
Thanks for everyone for being so supportive, suggesting how we can make things better and being patient while we make this transition.  Please understand that the new site is a stepping stone to a bigger and brighter future for Audiogon and this is the first of many updates that will incorporate your suggestions and comments.

As you might have already seen our current marketplace is currently undergoing the upgrade we’ve been sharing with you on the blog over the last couple months.  We plan on having accounts back up and running by tomorrow morning and will continue to keep you updated here.  Thank you for your patience.

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