Re-launch Update

Update2:  User accounts are now all active.  Thank you for your patience.

Update:  The upgrade is nearly complete and we’re slowing turning back on user accounts.  Please be patience and your account should be accessible soon.

Dear Audiogon Community,

Yesterday evening at 5pm eastern we put the site in maintenance mode to speed up the download of user accounts. We were able to achieve a 50% increase in the update process by doing this. We felt it more important to get user accounts back online even if it meant putting the site in maintenance mode. Rest assured we are making great progress, and the user accounts should be restored shortly.

Thank you for your patience.


  1. Please bring back the old site and look. I have spoken to mulitlple people and very few think this is a step in the right direction. Please, please, please reconsider what you are doing. I know the site belongs to you, but doesn’t it also belong to it members too?


    Jeff Parks–aka blissaudio

    1. Many have asked the same question, maybe we should start a chain and allow Agon to see a quantifiable feedback. With that said, I will vote yes to Jeff’s request.

    2. Agree!
      Totally agree!
      I can’t agree more!
      Please bring back the old site and look.
      Almost give up on this “NEW” site!


  2. I am pretty amazed that you guys are doing the migration this way. If it were a free site I’d maybe understand the hours upon hours of downtime but this is really bad. Why wouldn’t you have the new site up in parallel and make sure it’s QA’d properly before even launching it? You have paid members on here with auctions that are ending that can’t be viewed or managed. I have to stress the point that you guys make money from this and just don’t seem to properly understand how to manage the technical side of doing things in a seamless way. You don’t see google doing anything like this. I’d expect competitors to step up to the plate after this and also for you guys to loose lots of users. I know you’ve at least lost one here. Very unprofessional transition to the new site. Something like this takes planning and proper execution which you guys clearly don’t understand.

  3. I would like to know what will happen with auctions that were due to close on Fri nite, the 6th?

    I didnt get a chance to bid – I cant imagine that these items will be sold at the last bid before the site went off line.

  4. What about all my ads? Are you going to refund or renew the ads to current date? No body going to read my ads now, since you guys taking too long to fix the website.

  5. Hey Folks-In a word, this is a train wreck. It seems as if you released an updated version of a website that people use, pay for, rely on, and love without first working out the bugs. Did your brother in law say he could do it quickly and cheaply? For instance getting to classifieds- When I look for classifieds it goes to auctions and I then have to turn off auctions, click on the date search parameters, and then click on search just to get to classifieds. Frankly I don’t have the bandwidth to deal with this kind of complexity.
    Look I know it seemed like a good idea at the time but this new site does not look substantially different, appear to contain many useful features, or leave me feeling anything but confused and irritated. Please go back to the old model until you get the bugs worked out.
    I rely on your website for my livelihood and this is freaking me out. Use EBay exclusively? Please God no!
    yours in frustration

    1. I agree! My Frustration Level is also very high from the NEW SITE!

      I’ve been an Audiogon Partner for over 2 years now and a Member since 1998!

      I run a Business on AudioGon Just like all the other Partners and Members who do not have partner accounts.

      This was an Awesome Site, The New SITE is a complete and Utter Disaster!

      Question: Who’s minding the store? In other words, what happened to all the great and prompt partner support?

      Has anyone in Upper Management been reading these Posts?

      All our Store Ads that linked from Manufacture searches are gone!

      Our Feedback has but cut by 70% and you can’t read the feedback since there’s no link!

      We Can’t edit our Ads! This is what eBay does because their site is based on Auctions not Actual Ads! Get Rid of the Amend Button and Bring Back the Edit Button! 95% of AudioGon transactions are from ads, not Auctions!

      All Dealer information from a manufacture search are also gone!

      I LOVED the Old AudioGon Please bring it back!

      Listen to what the AuidioGon community is saying! Most of them Hate the NEW SITE. If you don’t get it fixed soon you may lose a lot of revenue.

      Just because you’re only getting several hundred complaints doesn’t mean that 10-30 times more Members aren’t unhappy! their just not voicing their opinion..

      Do the right thing Bring Back the OLD Site.

      I don’t want to start selling on Ebay! OMG! Please NO!

      Thank you, Jeff

  6. The search function does not seem to have any logic to it. I went to the amplifier section, put in a well known amplifier brand, and when i got results, they were not of the brand, but a mix of many brands. We should be able to search a particular brand and see what is for sale in that brand and also see discussion forums related to that brand. At this point, the site seems unable to organize any type of search. What is happening? Thank you. Stephen

  7. I understand audiogon is still in the process of updating the site. But after limited us it appears there are no benefits to this new format except for photo viewing. Load time is painfully slow and several features such as search by zip code, select zip code of seller and getting city, and selecting seller rating comments are missing. Any additional features could have been incorporated into the previous format. I’d imaging many audiogon users are thinking “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”. The previous Format was within 10% of being perfect.

  8. I hope you have a lot more to do as currently the site is a pale comparison to it’s previous form. Much harder to use and the listings are not well organized. One used to get search results listed in catagories, such as speakers, preamps, amps, etc… Now it’s only by date 😦
    Also, the ability to find sellers feedback seems to be gone along with searching the zipcode location. Is all this coming back?? I know you ‘ve seen the comments on AA, I’d say 90-95% want the old form back….. not that it may be possible. I love your site and have been using it happily for years…. just want to give my honest feedback.

  9. My biggest concern is that in the Music listings you only show 3 other titles. Will you be going back to the the ‘Other Items’ showing ALL the other listings we have have on Audiogon?

    Thanks – xlh1

  10. Hello, I have an auction on & it’s the weekend which is prime time that my item won’t be seen. Are you folks offering any compensation for this? Just curious to why you didn’t do maintenance during the week since most buying & selling activity occurs on the weekend.

  11. Please explain how you destroy a great website and call it an improvenment! If this is an indication of the final product, then I’ ll just read the classified section in my local newspaper!

  12. I went to your site Thursday night to find “the new Audiogon”. What a mess.

    I did a search on “Shunyata”. The results come back completely mixed up in no apparent order at all. And the search results include any listing that has Shunyata in the descriptive text (like a pair of Odessey Stratos amps where the person says they used Shunyata power cords with them!). Who wants to sift through all that?

    Then you have to deselect auctions or those results get mixed in with the classifieds. And rather than show you the category of the listing (power cord, interconnect, etc), space is wasted telling you how many days are left in the listing. I would only care about that for auctions (which I never use anyway), and then only if I’ve selected the item, not on the main search page.

    I went to look for my three listings (Shunyata Antares, Marantz CD changer and AV receiver) and couldn’t even find them.

    The new sans serif font is much harder to read than the old Times Roman. I could go on and on. What used to be a very easy to navigate and intuitive process is now unnecessarily complicated and actually provides less information. Simple things weren’t even included, like “sort by price” within a category (you have to choose between six pre-defined price groups, which means you’d have to do six sorts!). Or when you do a member lookup, why not provide a link that shows the items they are selling?

    Obviously there wasn’t’ any usability testing with real customers or focus groups on this major and costly overhaul. What a shame.

    My fingers are crossed that the already convoluted offer/sale process hasn’t been made worse.

    Good Old A’gon R.I.P.

    – John Brooks (aka ‘ikkyu2’)

  13. I saw on my ad my feedback was 24 100% positive. Prior to the changes I had 67 people leave positive feedback with no negatives where has all my feedback gone?

  14. What a mess, the person who create that new site should receive the 2012 medal of stupidity
    This is worst than the new Coke

  15. I am at a loss of why you changed your website format and put yourself at risk of losing members to Ebay or another competitor. Certainly the new format offers nothing to enhance the user experience. Either ditch it and go back or find a web developer who can improve significantly on your prior site.

  16. AudioGon staff,

    While I can appreciate the sentiment of “modernizing” AudioGon, I think that this modernization is taking away from what made AGon such a success – absolutely simplicity. You’re in a unique niche where there is NO number 2 or 3 player. AGon is the first and best place for this kind of activity. Don’t lose sight of WHY you are such a success – again, simplicity.

  17. Dear Sirs,

    I’m sorry but I don’t like a new site!

    I do not understand were is the name of seller and his feedback on the advert of one item for sell?

    If I research by brand, why the program list other brand too?

    Where are the virtual system with the sort by brand?

    There are less info on the page of the results after a research than before.

    Old version was more friendly and simple to use;

    Is it still possible to use the old version?

    Thanks again,


  18. What are you going to do about the marketplace listings which have now been missing from view since the upgrade started? Will their end dates be extended to make up for the missing days?

  19. What a crappy search engine does not work the way it should.Shame,even cheap cheap web sites have much better search engines that does not show search results that not related to the subject!
    Can someone answer me !What was wrong with old website ??????????

  20. Why not just email all users that you are taking the site down and will email everyone when you are bringing it back up in a fully functioning mode. You told everyone you were bringing the site up after the holidays, didn’t tell everyone that you would be bringing up a beta site. Giving little tidbits of what you claim and hopefully will be better site without functionality is a poor choice e.g. there’s no point in browsing classifieds when one can’t access his/her account; and obviously new classifieds can’t be posted for the same reason; also, having sample browsed the classifieds there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to the flow – timing of when they expire is all mixed in, can’t tell if they were meant to be auctions or just classifieds. Get it done right, then get it out – the please be patient crap is getting tiring.

  21. Really don’t like being bombarded with unrelated advertising…..not interested in dating thanks!

    Site is losing crediability! The internet is a buzz with the decline in the site……

  22. It has been 4 days since I was last able to login to my account – again – how will you compensate sellers for this outage??? Do you plan on answering any questions???

  23. Bad, Bad, Bad!!!!!!!!!!
    User accounts are back on but inaccuracies on billing and payment info.
    This whole site is terrible!

  24. My account is now missing the private Virtual System that I had worked on for long time. Where did it go and when will it return?

  25. Be sure to restore the zip code “lookup” feature on the sales adds !! ….. the last time I checked, that feature was now gone, in other words if a seller lists his zip we need the function back that lets us simply click on his zip to see where the item is located., thanks

  26. I would often search by brand name, i.e. “Audience” I would get a full list of cables, conditioners etc. by category. Now a get a short list of everything. I also would search, and purchase by location, I can’t seem to do that anymore. the other thing that troubles me is that the focus seems to have shifted entirely from Audiogon being a community of audiophiles and music lovers with the opportunity to buy and sell, to a purely commercial endevour to buy and sell. I have not done a dimes worth of business with Ebay for years for this reason. I do worry about the direction Audiogon is taking but will be patient to see how things develop.

  27. Sometimes newer is not better. The site was much better before the new release. I would consider falling back to the older version and then create a release that is user friendly. Test it and create a pilot site out and get community feedback before releasing.

  28. I think this new site format is terrible. Users can’t see where the item is located any more. How about a search choice for shipping to worldwide locations so I dont keep wasting time looking at paranoid US ONLY items ? ? Also,why are there so many ads for brand new items from dealers? What happened to make this an advertising site rather than a site for audiophiles??
    Sorry Audiogon , HUGE step backwards for you.

  29. Old version was better, everything seems mixed up. I chose paradigm speakers and received a mix of things for sale. What happened to the zip code shipping charge estimate?

  30. I know it must be a big hassel to update your website, but I have been waiting since the
    first part of December for this change to happen. Missed all the great chances to sell
    before Christmas and now I’m still waiting to log in. Help!

  31. I can only hope that the new site is not complete. search functions and resuts are horrible. for example if i search rotel none of the results are grouped by item type ie – multi amp, amp, cd player etc.

  32. Upgrade looks great!

    Will there still be a manufacturers page that executes a search by selecting them?

    What happened to all the items I was watching, is that function still available?

  33. I can no longer access the Seller’s feedback. Is this just temporary as that was an invaluable tool?

  34. Also, PLEASE make searches only return results matching text in the titles of the listings only, with the option of searching the full text of the ad, as eBay does.

  35. I just tried looking up one of my ads for sale so that I could modify the ad. The ad was for an Audience adeptResponse aR6t, what came up was an ad for a Sony Walkman. Are you kidding me? Oh, one more thing I do not like the look of page when making an ad. The old look had everything there right in front of you. Again, as I have said over and over again for the last week or so, THIS IS CLEALY NOT AN IMPROVEMENT! What A BIG LET DOWN! I AM ALONG WITH MANY OF MY AUDIOGON FRIENDS VERY DISAPPOINTED! IS THIS REALLY GOING TO BE IT? YOU WILL NOT CHANGE BACK TO THE OLD LOOK? If so, this truly is a sad day in AudiogoN history and clearly a step back.


    Jeff Parks–aka blissaudio

  36. would be nice if audiogon would reply to emails when they are sent in instead of sending an automated reply requesting any questions / concerns be posted on the blog.

    You would think that with all the confusion on the site, the audiogon staff would try and help their members out….since we are the ones that use this site / service…..but it seems that they cant be bothered.

    You sure dont mind collecting my fees, but yet a simple questions go unanswered.

  37. How does one change the selling price of an item? I can see where I can amend the description but how do I just change the price???

  38. The listings when you search are not as well organized as before. Very disappointing. I get the feeling you all have some new CMS back-end that makes it easier to manage, but the UI was not fully developed….

  39. Here is a link to a post on the Klipsch forum about your new website.

    What I have not figured out yet is when I type say Luxman in the search it brings up luxman items for sell but also other none Luxman items. Also it does not bring up the 5-6 choices like the old site saying discussion, virtual systems, shows, product reviews, and one or two others. I could click on discussions and it would bring up the newest discussions on Luxman and below it would list all the Luxman discussions.

    Remember when changing a website that has stayed the same for soooooo long people are not going to want to have to spend alot of time figuring out the new site.

    1. James thanks for the link to the Klipsch forum. There is a thread like that on every Audio related forum on the web and the comments mirror those in your link. Seems it would be valuable information if Audiogon’s ownership is truly interested in their customers experience.

  40. Why dont you allow searches to be saved, as ebay does? This would allow registered users to be automatically informed when an item that they are searching for has been listed. This would increase the visits to your site and the sale prices / your fees.

  41. The New Site needs LOTS of work!

    Here’s a few things that are in need of fixing:
    1. Can no longer click on zipcode to see where an item is being sold from (it used to tell you the city that the zipcode resolved to. Now you have to copy it and search externally on that zipcode. It’s a PITA).
    2. Search really stinks.
    a. Can’t sort/or search by manufacturer.
    b. When I do a search for B&W and change the amount of items to list to 200, I lose all my results. There’s really no way of getting a full 200 items from my search.
    c. From the search results (say I search for B&W) you can’t see what category the items are in and sort by them. It was nice to see that all items were sorted by category (speakers by speakers, preamps by preamps). It was very useful if I was looking for a B&W subwoofer for instance.
    3. Images/pictures of items are presented in a crummy fashion. The thumbnails are too small and the way they pop-up when clicked takes way too long and uses up too many resources. Just make it a href to the image instead of the way you’re doing it…it’s way too busy.

    I wish you’d done a beta before just replacing the old site…It’s very difficult to find listings for items I’m interested in. I hope you don’t lose all your business to Ebay.

    Oh yeah, just a couple of additional problems/issues:
    1. Can’t browse by manufacturer.
    2. Can’t see a seller’s feedback (only the score). You used to be able to read what had been written about them in their feedback, now you can’t even do that.

  42. Need to be able to see user’s feedback comments. Username is not linked to their feedback as was last site. This is a critical feature, particularly to read up on those w/less than 100% positive. Hopefully still being addressed, I don’t see how taking away features should be part of a site update! Thanks

  43. Have we lost the ability to search in a custom price range? ie $250-$1200. Please tell me know. Not to mention $2500+ is waaaay too large a category

      1. Long-term audiogon user but having a LOT of problems with new system. You notified me that an item of mine had been purchased and you marked it “sold,” yet I cannot contact the buyer. Buyer wanted more photos and you took my ad off and marked item as sold, so I cannot add photos to ad. Also no way to look up all my old ads on home page like we used to be able to do. I do not have potential buyer’s e-mail address. I have e-mailed your customer service many times and all they tell me is they will pass on issues to “programmers.” I have never heard back from any programmers. I can’t reach the potential buyer and have no clue if I have a sale or not. Very frustrating, especially that we can’t reach you by phone and/or that you don’t reply with any helpful email. What’s going on with Audiogon?

  44. I so hate it when websites get ‘redesigned’. I can’t remember one that was for the better. I guess it looks nicer in style but it just rendered the standard searches that I do… unusable. Greeeaaat… Oh wait I take it all back because everything can be shared with Facebook & Twitter. (sarcasm intended)

    Sorry for being a Negative Nelly but this just fits in with prior experiences.

  45. I don’t see “ended auction” listings after the “ending auctions” section as was previously on the site?

    Also, Is feedback clickable?

    When will auction listing be resumed.

    I don’t see a link for “software auctions” on the auction listing page?

  46. One of my Marketplace listings which had sold just before the upgrade is no longer statused as SOLD. There is no way to update the status of this item. Also, my user account no longer shows the items I’ve sold as an Audiogon member. And my Feedback rating is not correct (does not match the value on the old system).

  47. Two suggestions:
    1. after a searchg in the results page you don’t need the “type” column that indicates if the item is classified or auction, rather you should have what the item is: example, if you search “Transparent” the result list should show if the items listed are speaker cables, power cables, interconnects etc.
    2. you should allow a viewer of an item to place it in a “dream box” or somehow save it in their page so that he/she has a short list and can monitor certain items closely.

  48. Are you planning on bringing back the shipping calculator? Invaluable to me.
    If I search for a cable by brand name, the TYPE of cable needs to show up also, not just the name.

  49. Luc Beliveau

    Very slow to post… I can not go all the way… I’m stuck before preview… frozen… why??? No raisons why I can not post. Are my pictures too big? I’m missing some infos??? It won’t say why… frozen….;(

  50. Dear Audiogon Staff,

    The site needs quite a bit of work still.

    -Please address the “Amend” classified ad function to operate as before so that one may correct or modify a current ad description. The new way it is set up now on “My Page” only allows one to add to the top of the existing classified description, not correct it. Also, we are unable to correct or modify existing ads under the partner Control Panel functions for some reason.

    -Featured ads should be placed at the top of the New Today listing page for 24 hours, as before, not scattered throughout the New Today listing pages. For a premium listing this expensive, maximum exposure should be ensured.

    -Featured ads located within specific equipment category pages should all be listed on the first and primary category page listings. The way things are set now, only a limited number of featured ads are being rotated in some seemingly random nature on the primary category page.

    -Featured and Bold listings are very similar in appearance to standard ad listings. In order to remedy this, I would like to suggest using a highlight feature over the entire ad title, for increased viability. The little Gold star along the left side of the ad title/description is just not an eye catcher.

    -Main page Search feature is not functioning with any degree of accuracy, as stated by the above poster.

    -Renew ad options are not readily available on “My Page” currently active classified ads. This is something which was previously available on the Partner Login control panel pages but is apparently no longer available.

    With a little bit of work, I think the new site can succeed but we need not lose any of the functionality and user friendly features which made the old site so user friendly.

  51. It really seems most of the functionality of the site has been lost for a modest gain in appearance.

    In all honestly, it’s a horrible “upgrade” and I’m wondering how long it will take for someone else to launch a site that is simple, has good a good search engine, products listed by category, kinda like the old Augiogon used to be.

    I’ve enjoyed many positive transactions over the years via Audiogon, please don’t blow it–go back to the previous version!!

  52. Can you please post the last date on which a comment was added to a thread so those of us who follow particular threads don’t have to scroll thru each one whenever we visit the site.

  53. Just checked MyPage for recent purchases, open auctions, etc., and am very troubled by what I see. As of last week (that is, before the switch), I was in various stages of approximately 25 different transactions. I check regularly to make sure I haven’t failed to follow up. But when I look at MyPage now, I see information that can’t possibly be right about some transactions (i.e., some transactions that are closed, with me having received the item, are listed incorrectly as transactions that were denied for one reason or another). And that causes consternation, because if I can’t count on the information being accurate on transactions I KNOW have ended successfully, how can I count on the information regarding the transactions that are still in the process of being completed?

  54. Hope you are into constructive criticism, but the new site is a lot harder to navigate up to the point I really don’t want to continually check it. For the record, I used to check the old site about every 1-3 hours. I have been checking into the revamped site once every other day just because it is hard to navigate and not a friendly layout like the old site, What don’t I like? to start:

    a. hate that the “new today” mixes in Music and auctions together. it wastes time having to wade through Music which I have no interest in buying. I come here for gear.
    b. one of the strong draws of the old site was new forum discussions, I can’t find the new posts, it used to be at the end of the “new today” listings.
    c. don’t like the way the feedback history and prior feedback can’t be read if I am interested in a piece of gear and want to check out the sellers reputation.
    d. the new layout of the classified postings are oddly placed within the ad. you guys had it nailed down perfect in the old site. Come to think about it, I can recall when I first came to your site many years ago. I could navigate without a problem, Here I am, now 10 plus years more web savy and I not able to find or look for what I want like i did the old site layout.

    I am sure there is much more, I just haven’t had the patience to play around with the new layout.

    I really hope things get tweaked for the better, I have a selfish interest to keep Audiogon as the best place to for high-end gear as I have loads of stuff to sell as part of my 2012 New years Resolution.

  55. the forums. Are they staying the way they are now, or going to change ? Meaning , before we could see the new threads as they were posted , but now you have to go to each and every category to see the new threads. Not every member is going to go through every category.

    any particular why we need to see how many days ? the old way of seeing how many days it has been listed and number of views once we clicked on the ad was better

  56. This is probably picking nits, but I don;t like the new fonts. They are harder to read if you are not 20 years old. I alos REALLY, REALLY don’t like ads clogging up the page for escorts or other non audio related things. I enjoyed AUDIOGON for years because it was clean, easy and dedicated to the one thing that it was about.

  57. Great new update guys! I always wanted to be blinded by a bright screen the entire time I’m viewing a site. I love the fact that all these non relevant items clutter my brand searches. I also really enjoy the unorganized manner in which the searches are displayed. I really want to thank you for turning one of the few websites that I enjoyed browsing into a torturous experience! The fact that I can now twit or tweet or like on fb is also useful even though I don’t have an account on either. Just thought I would share my overwhelming gratitude with you real audio enthusiasts who are nothing like evil money grubbing manufacturers of sometimes over priced products ….. Anyway thanks again, off to ebay now to complete my daily dose of aggravation.

  58. Where are the “wanted” ads? I sent an email to your support and got zero response. Will you be refunding my cost since you’ve removed it from the site?

  59. How come I can not pay for my adds with funds from my account? Only can pay for new adds. Also not fair your sites been down while paid adds are up audiogon should refund those who had adds running during sites down time.

  60. Dont Like it at all so far. Needs another overhaul.. paying a lot of money a month right now for Audiogon and cant even find our ads.. We are getting closer to canceling the membership and putting our money elsewhere for advertisment

  61. I am unable to modify the price of one of my active Classified ads. Audiogon support suggested I use the Amend button, but that only lets me modify the text of the ad, not the price field.

  62. In addition to the preceding thoughts, all of which I second, a couple more items for your consideration:

    1. I cannot access my virtual system to update, edit, or even take it down. When I go to that page, I am told I don’t have a virtual system posted.

    2. Just for grins, I clicked on a “make an offer” button to see what that process now looked like. It appears, from the screen that follows, that you are now planning to provide my complete personal information, including street address and telephone number, along with any offer I make — before it is accepted. That is completely inappropriate. My personal information (other than zip code and feedback score) should not be made available to a seller who has not yet agreed to do business with me. The same would be true for a potential buyer making an offer — they should not have access to my full personal information until after I accept the offer.

    3. I had a listing for a preamp that carried over, and I went to look at it. When I was finished, I saw the “close” button in the upper right corner and thought that meant to close the window — I didn’t realize it meant “cancel the ad.” I reflexively hit the confirmation button just as I realized what was happening. So I lost an ad that still had over 20 days to run. You really need to re-label that button something like “cancel listing” so it is clear.

    4. I especially agree with the prior comment that the “modify” function needs to return. I often discover little typos that need fixing, or adjust ads after getting a question or two that suggest I need to clarify something.

    Guys, I’ve been one of your biggest fans — but this is a train wreck. I have re-listed the preamp that was prematurely cancelled on eBay — until you get this site fixed, I won’t be listing anything more here for sale, or buying anything, because I don’t trust the site.

  63. When are you going to display the proper feedback for a member? The feedback on the ad is different than the feedback when one does a member look-up.

      1. Everyone here has been patient. The new site is an unambiguous disaster. I’m not able to modify my ad. Again, if this were a free site, then I’d cut you some slack. But I’ve paid quite a bit in brokerage and expect a functioning Audiogon.

  64. “Train wreck.” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve read that phrase in these comments, I might have enough to purchase a MFSL Beatles Mint Box Set — IF, that is, I could find it on this now-unsearchable, incomprehensible site.

    Ford had the Edsel. Coca-Cola had New Coke. Just in the last six months, Netflix and Bank of America had … well, you know what Netflix and Bank of America just went through. But at least Netflix and Bank of America were smart enough to respond to their customers’ outrage, and respond quickly.

    You had a perfectly good site. Most of us saw no reason to change it. Based on the comments section, it seems you’re now at serious risk of losing a major portion of your customer base — the people who do the actual buying and selling. And without that customer base, you lose your unique audience, and your attractiveness to the people who place banner ads on the site goes down accordingly.

    So it seems to me you’ve got a choice to make: You can stick with your new design, and lose a major portion of your audience immediately, with more to follow in the coming months, until the site is but a shadow of what it was, and you make NO money off advertising; or, you can respond to your customer base’s concerns, go back to the old site, and reap the rewards of rededicated customer loyalty.

    But wait … you guys aren’t just being Machiavellian here, are you? You haven’t just set this whole thing up as a feint, designed to create outrage you could then assuage with a timely re-re-design back to the original? Oh, my, what a thought. If you’re THAT smart, we need to meet, and soon! LOL

  65. After reading this entire blog and many of the countless threads on the web it is very clear that the folks that make this site go, ie us, not only dislike the new site but find it to be a significant step backward….many to the point of finding it too cumbersome to even consider continuing to support. I am totally shocked at how large the consensus is. I figured there would be some who felt as I do, that it is a total train wreck, but also that there would be some who supported it. Not really!

    At what point does ownership man up and respond to this? How can you guys ignore the near consensus reaction? I am totally baffled.

    Responses such as “We’re actively working on updating feedback, please be patient with us.” etc are not actually addressing what is being said. In addition, what we do hear from Audiogon is that this is incomplete, a partial product, a shell of what’s to come etc however we are expected to pay full price for this product that is not only beta but is barely functional at best. You have in essence stolen money from many customers who paid for services such as “wanted to buy” ads that are either lost in this process or still to come.

    The poster above that noted disclosure of personal information in the transaction process brings up another very important concern that I share. Please do not disclose my personal information without my authorization.

  66. We need the ability to modify existing/running classified ad descriptions. The “Amend” feature is just not doing the trick and needs to be eliminated, as it is simply not necessary. All people need is the ability to modify existing ad descriptions for clerical or descriptive errors, just like before the re-launch.

    Also, please prioritize “Featured” ad listings and place at the top of “New Today” ad listing pages and at the top of equipment category pages. If this cannot be done then please lower the “Featured” ad costs to reflect the non-prioritized listing placement.

  67. Anyone with half a brain would shut down the new site and go back to the old one. perhaps that makes too much sense. No one likes it from the page colors to the disfunctional serarches etc. what more is there to understand? Its amazoing that all Audiogon can muster up are a few generic 10 word responses. I believe it will be a week tomorrow early evening since this cluster started. isnt that long enough?

  68. I just read all the comments about awful your new site is compared to the old and agree with ALL the complaints that have been made.
    The ONLY posative I see is the photos shown in ads NOTHING ELSE is an improvement over the Old Site.
    Is there ANY ONE who likes this new boondoggle?

  69. Yes, I admit. I sometimes thought your website needed few fixes for easier navigation, etc. but I really did not think you would make a huge update and RUIN Audiogon’s look and functionality. I HATE the new look. I am sorry but this is the truth. I wish you would bring back the old look.

  70. I agree. I used to come her to browse, and eventually buy. It is no longer user friendly. It is a slow frustrating experience. The old site was easy to navigate and enjoy.
    Bring back the old site!!!!

    1. I wonder if the Audiogon folks are reading these comments.. I understand from the “inside” that there were backend issues, issues that the users don’t see. That said the entire User Interface just sucks now. I can’t imagine that whatever those backend issues were that they couldn’t have been fixed without mangling the front end, and pissing off everyone who uses the site. Maybe they forgot that it’s been the users, not them that made A’gon so successful. I just hope that the powers that be don’t let theirs egos decide how to handle things. Audiogon worked before. It worked well for YEARS, users liked it, vendors, sellers and buyers liked it. Now no one likes it.. I can’t imagine how much business A’gon has lost over this fiasco. but I suspect it will take a long time to recoup it. The best thing they could do is admit they F’ed up put up the old site, and fire the moron who decided to change a well oiled machine into a creaky, squeaky, turd. Why businesses ever feel the need to change a raging success into an unproven one I’ll never get. The big difference between well managed business and poorly managed ones are how they react when the have obviously screwed the pooch.. we’ll see won’t we.

  71. Just curious, what did you think you were improving with this change? I see the same flaws as everyone has listed here but nothing in the way of improvement – were you getting complaints with the previous site? Surely there must be a specific reason to have done this.


  72. Agreed with posters above, there was nothing wrong with the old site as a whole. Sure, some updates and improvements would have been appreciated but the look and feel of the new site is not nearly as simple and pleasing as the old. Why fix what was not broken to begin with? Big mistake in my opinion, when all that needed to be done was to implement some newly added features and improvements to the existing site which we all knew and were already comfortable with.

  73. Admin, please prioritize “Featured” ad listings to the top of the “New Today” and category listing page(s). This is why such a high premium is paid by users for these ads. To scatter “Featured” ads all over the place makes them not worth the investment.

  74. The Yellow color themed backgrounds on the old site were much easier on the eyes and more attractive than this White themed Audiogon. You guys might want to toy with the idea of bring the Yellow backgrounds back, I’m sure no members would mind.

  75. A purchase just arrived and I have no idea where to go to update. When I go to “My Page” I don’t see any of my personal info, just what is for sale.

  76. This new site is a complete downgrade from the old website. It’s combersome and not very well laid out. New doesn’t mean better.

  77. I’ve been a member since 1999 and for the first time in all these years I’m ****** off. What in the world is going on. Please bring back the old site. I can’t even log in and I try every night !!!!

  78. This is a very fancy new website. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to look at. My eyes have trouble focusing on what’s important, and pages are loading very, very slow. Man, it’s a real turn off trying to browse through listings. The less I am able to browse, the less likely I’ll buy something.

    I can appreciate that you wanted to modernize the look of the site to fit with 2012 style, but it seems like everyone was happy with the old layout. As someone who’s designed quite a few websites, it seems that the new Audiogon site is pushing bells and whistles in front of serving content. The old site wasn’t “modern”, but it was super fast and easy to navigate.

    It’s really pushing me away 😦

  79. Is it possible that NO ONE has left a negative comment since January 13? Or is it more likely that negative feedback is being shut down? What is this, Putin’s Russia?!

    1. No, Bill. I think there are few reasons why no negative.
      1-People stopped checking Audiogon.
      2-They are tired of putting negative comments because they see, it will not go back to the previous website layout
      3-People got used to the new site

      I, myself still check it here but leave quicker since it is very confusing to browse.

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