We’ve added 2 days to your classifieds

We’ve just updated all Classifieds with another 2 days of extra time due to our downtime over the weekend.  Thanks everyone for the feedback and patience while we updated the website.


    1. I agree the site is a mess. It works sometimes then not. Hot keys are cold, searches come up blank, listings are a mass mess. My page makes no sense.

  1. Seriously … 2 days….
    Look guys.. The site is still a mess…
    Accounting is screwed up
    You can’t edit your listings…
    You should be adding a week ot two at least…
    That assumes you can get it back up and running correctly in two weeks..
    And yes.. I have been to “support” 10 times…
    They tell me they are working on it..
    “Thanks everyone for the feedback and patience while we updated the website.”
    The correct verb is updating…..the process is not over by a long shot..

    2 days…. seriously dudes…

    1. Ken, is right on with all his comments. I can appreciate changes but why didn’t you make them in small steps? You seem to want your site to be like Ebay in the way we need to communicate now with buyers/ sellers. If there was a issue with people using your site and not paying–then address that issue not change the entire site. I agree that the two day extension is a joke—I still can’t use the site again today!

    2. Agree, it should be longer than two days. I was in the process of buying some speakers and the site is so wonky I can’t figure out if I should resend my offer or not. I feel sorry for the seller.

  2. Is it true that I cannot edit an ad anymore, only the description? I would like to change my asking price but have no way to do other than canceling and starting over.

  3. the forums. Are they staying the way they are now, or going to change ? Meaning , before we could see the new threads as they were posted , but now you have to go to each and every category to see the new threads. Not every member is going to go through every category.

    any particular why we need to see how many days ? the old way of seeing how many days it has been listed and number of views once we clicked on the ad was better.


  5. I appreciate that you want to improve the site but from my point of view you have not improved the site. To start with the classified pages are not organized. If I want to find an Audioquest IC I now have to look through the entire list of AQ cables. Second there also unrelated items listed on the page. So far I prefer the previous layout and design.

    1. mcloughlin is absolutely CORRECT. For the site to be efficient and functional, A-gon must make certain that individual components from single manufacturer are subdivided into functional categories (ie, Macintosh: tube amps,SS amps, pre-amps, CD players, integrateds, etc etc).

      1. agree with the 2 previous as when you look at the listings of McIntosh, you dont know what is a preamp, amp, processor, etc…as everything is all mixed together. The old way had categories.

        any chance of working on this ?

  6. Will you consider just flip back to the old Agon until you’ve done a thorough debugging? As much as I would like to support your effort and work on my “patience”, I have to echo the increasing disappointment in this roll-out.

  7. It takes at least 2 times for me to log in and I cannot get anyone to fix my Sansui AU D-11II ad. I tried to amend it and now it has 3 copies of the listing. Also can we not change our prices anymore? If we can PLEASE tell me how?

    1. My account is short. No details as to where the money went.
      Also, my 100% positive feedback of 255 has been reduced to 60.
      Sent email to agon and the reply was…
      “We will forward this to our programmers”
      What a disaster!

      1. Mine too. Before the changes I have almost $65.00 in my account. Now I have $7.00 I don’t get it.


  8. the above comment from scott gregg is not me – i advised you of that late this morning.somehow his account has been tied to mine? i am now hesitant to port a classified. actually i will wait until the site is stable.

  9. Your dispute resolution process doesn’t work at all. On the new site, when a user clicks “Buy it Now”, you get their full name, but not username. Without the Audiogon username, there’s no way to start the dispute process. HELP!

  10. The old Audiogon allowed sellers to not just revise the listing title to include things like “lowered price”, but also allowed the seller to modify the price. The new method to “amend” doesn’t work nearly as well. Please resolve this absolutely critical issue. Thanks.

  11. Because your dispute resolution process doesn’t work with the new site design (you see the buyers FULL NAME, not their A’gon username, which is required to start the resolution process), I’ve had to re-list an item because a buyer didn’t read the title and description citing a single cable versus a pair. I then had to re-list the item from scratch, but even though I have plenty of money in my A’gon account, I still had to pay for the listing. Talk about adding insult to injury. Please resolve.

  12. You should restart the clock for those that posted before Jan 1. The site is buggy and not easy to navigate (especially considering the substantial changes you made). An extra 2 days is not sufficient.

  13. I hope the listings will not be in the blue on white current form forever; I find it very hard to read compared to the previous yellow background. Not reading the ads every day for the first time in a long while.

    1. I think you might consider doing what Coke did with New Coke, the old Audiogon was fine and whatever faults it had are not addressed by the new version, while it has massive problems of its own. Thank the lord I ran my ads before it “came online” LOL.

  14. Hello
    I’m not a seller but have bought from the site. Candidly, the new website is a huge step backwards. Let me add to what others are telling you:

    1. The text is hard to read, being light blue on white.
    2. The search engine is a mess, bringing up more non-related items than what is entered into the text box, even using quotation marks, like “Audio Research”, pulls up numerous items completely unrelated to Audio Research gear. On the old site, if I typed in Denon AVR, it pulled up all items with that text in the name. Now, if I type in Denon AVR, I see only a small fraction of the Denon AVR’s available for sale by just typing in “Denon”. Very poor!
    3. It’s MUCH harder to navigate.
    4. Photos are so small to be next to useless at first glance. Even blown up, they are smaller than what the old site had. As a buyer, I want to see detail, not some 1-2″ square picture.
    5. The look & feel adds complexity with no real value to the user.

    I come at this with a little dappling in web page layouts & some programming so am not complaining just because it’s new. The new site really is worse in look, feel & functionality than what you had before.

    Do yourself & everyone using the site a favor, restore the old site until you can do a good job of re-designing it and debugging it.


  15. I can no longer search through products grouped together by type from a particular manufacturer- for example if I wanted to see all Mark Levinson CD players for sale within the list of all Mark Levinson products. This is a big deal for the way I look for products for sale.

  16. Listed an item and had a credit balance in my account and had to pay for the ad to get it to go live. Can’t edit the price either and offers can’t be made. Gee, such a nightmare to an otherwise wonderful site a few days ago. Welcome newbies and runoff the brick and mortar ………….

  17. I cannot even post and ad? I have emailed at least ton times, and nothing has been fixed? whoever designed this new site either does not know what they are doing, or they should have waited until it was perfected to start it. Really a joke!!

  18. Also I have not been able to find where I can search for an item by location. By reading the comments so far it does not seem to be going well in the transition. I hope all gets worked out because for years this is one of my goto sites.

  19. The search function is too generic. If you type a brand, the old system just populates the listings related to the brand. Now it populates more junk. Can’t stand it.

  20. Items for sale under ‘My Page’ will not allow you to sort them by date (days remaining), rather it has all my listings mixed together rather than in the order I entered them in. Also, what happened to ‘Open Orders’ section in ‘My Page’? Will that be added to this new site?

  21. This new site is such a mess it will eventually affect the Audiogon business model….face facts that you blew it. Please restore the old site and start over on the new site.

  22. You should have tested the new site with full volume data before releasing it to the public.
    You guys get an F- for system testing.

  23. This site continues to be a mess. The search is horrible! I get all sorts of items unrelated to what I searched for.
    It’s slow, the new UI is not user friendly. The other version was soooo much easier to use.

  24. Please bring back the old web site. It worked very well, which certainly cannot be said for this new version. I agree with the criticisms (search function, layout, ad editing, etc.) above (especially Steve). Plus, I was unable to replace some photos in my ad with higher quality ones that I had taken more recently.

    Why not just accept blame and return to the old web site?

  25. If someone was smart, they would start a competing site with the same interface as audiogon and name it something else. You could steal a HUGE amount of the customer base here in no time. Audiogon’s arrogance could be there downfall.

  26. Please bring back the old layout. There was nothing wrong with it. I think 95% of members will agree with me.

    How can we search by zip code right now? You say that will be fixed in a few weeks in the blog. That is not a good enough response. That is one of the features that should have been ready to go on launch day.

    2 days of extra ad time is insulting. We should get a free classified post or two as many users have had to realist their ads to make changes.

    Ebay and head-fi are looking more attractive.

  27. i paid for $20 to feature my item all i got was a star next to it but there’s no way to display feature items only like before, really Audiogon?

  28. The new webpage is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was completely addicted to Audiogon up until the upgrade. I would check for new listings on my Blackberry throughout the day, at work, at home, in the car. Because of the size of the new webpage, it takes too long to load now on a mobile device, so I’ve given up.

    Thanks Audiogon for giving me my life back!

  29. The site is a mess. My page or whatever it is called now makes no sense. The listing categories don’t work. You have to scroll through all listing, the pages are much slower…….Ah technology is a wonderful lie!

  30. I’m stunned by the lack of communication/interaction from anyone at Audiogon. I posted some stuff right before the changeover and can tell that the views are down considerably.

    If this was a public company, its stock would be at zero.

  31. Let me start by saying, I want the best for Audiogon. It’s been a great site.
    I think it’s clear one of the key’s to it’s success was it’s simplicity.
    Many of the people on Agon are temperamental folks who only felt comfortable on a site like the old one. It wasn’t intimidating, it was inviting and confidence inspiring.
    In all honesty I can’t see anything good about the new site overall.
    It’s poorly done, unattractive and has so many problems, I can’t imagine it ever working well.
    Even if the “bugs” were worked out, it’s unattractive too look at it and has a bad feel viscerally. And almost no one seems to like the new layout of everything being grouped together, Reading everything on the web it seems like what maybe 10% of people like it.
    Do you think getting the bugs out is going to change that percentage drastically?
    I honestly can’t believe all the people complaining about search issues. Those are very simple things that could have been easily worked out on the old site or new site by anyone competent.
    The loss of commerce in the market that Agon lets face it “monopolizes” for the most part is staggering and will continue to be so. I know dozens of people who make from a significant part of, to all of their income from the site and they are hurting from this. especially in this economic climate.
    I think Agon has too save face and go back to the old site for an indefinite period and preferably stay with the old site. Perhaps with some upgrades.
    The advertising revenue someone was seeing $$ signs about isn’t going to happen on a site like that. It’s the worst upgrade I’ve ever seen of any site ever.
    I really hope someone steps up here.

  32. Got an offer to buy on a listing yesterday..
    You cannot tell if it includes shipping or not and you cannot tell the method of payment the buyer wants to use…
    Your only options are decline, accept,counter…
    If you counter, you don’t know WHAT you are countering……
    Simply useless….

    ” we are customers …not Beta testers”

  33. I know there is a lot of work into the new set up, but as is…… it sucks.
    As a seller…. the listing editing is backwards progress… you don’t get an interested party’s email @….. Cant lower price in listing… cant change listing, just add info…. lost all of my interested buyers info…
    As a buyer…. the search is poor… all types of other things come up, if you modify search it expands even more, not less…..
    Don’t even want to check the other features of the site at this point.
    Hate to do it…… but back to Ebay for electronics…. sad.
    I have a feeling all this was done to lock down sales stats to make sure Audiogn gets its selling % fees reported and paid. as is.. its horrible! But all the ad popups work great!!! lame.

  34. I haven’t seen any changes that I would call improvements. Since Audiogon was bought (taken over) by a corporation I view all changes as benefiting Corporate Interests in some manner…. as is always the case. What we think will not matter unless we all abandon the site…. then…. well it will be in the Corporate Interest to act. Sorry about getting up on my soap box but this is how America operates today… Corporate America is America…there is no democracy…”they” only would like to believe there is !!!
    A bit over the top on this forum I know but Corporate Invasion is omnipotent. Kinda scary actually. BTW…. I case there is anyone that really cares….this new format sucks for the end users.

  35. You had a great concept. Over the past couple of years, “upgrades” slowly eroded what made the community. First, we were coaxed into a rigid purchasing process, making the experience impersonal and sterile. Then, the fee structure changed – but we did not mind, cause the concept was great. Then, the ads came, which was not particularly nice, given we were now paying a significant fee for using the site. Now, you redesign the site, seemingly without understanding what attracts us all to the site, removing features we love, clearly to accommodate more advertising. Very unfortunate. Continuing along this trajectory may not turn out the way you and the advertisers envisioned.

    Please, would you listen to the voices here, and elsewhere on the web, and restore the old site until you can roll out a fully functioning, evolved alternative? And please, don’t hesitate to ask us which features we would like to see in a new site.

    I am truly sorry that I had nothing more positive to contribute.


  36. Audiogon used to be a go-to for me for many reasons. It has turned into a “dogs breakfast”. Confusing, difficult and missing much of the previous functionality that made it so attractive. I am not impressed with any of the new corporate changes, they don’t benefit the primary purpose of this site, namely, WE THE USERS. These changes may sadly signal an end to my time on Audiogon.

    1. Here I sit broken heart-ed that me and Audio(gone) will soon be departed. I loved to search and impulse buy, but sadly I’m left to cry. No more can I bite my tongue as I must ring the bell and yell “Undo what has been done”!!

      Now bring back to old site or you will become Audio(GONE)

  37. My bought and sold are totally messed up, showing I lost things I bought and bought things I didn’t. I don’t know if it is related but after signing up to get updates from here I can no longer use Yahoo mail through my Safari app, have to change to Firefox to use it. Never had this happen before and it had defied all my efforts to cure it. I have no idea where my current and expired ads are listed; I use to spend an hour+ a day on the site but have a hell of a time using it now. You have shot yourself in both feet and your posterior.

  38. The site seems to have gone into stealth retrenchment. It would be nice to respond to some of the concerns expressed here…at least for community good will when you do go back to normalcy. Audiogone?

  39. I certainly agree with nearly all of the posts here. I also find the near lack of dialog from Audiogon to be a bit disturbing (here and on Facebook). Somthing like Hey we know we screwed up but we have a plan and we’ll get this squared away. Maybe Audiogon I.T. is in Manila or Mumbai?

    BTW what a waisted column having the type shown as classified instead of AMP, Digital, Cable etc. A basic header for Auctions and likewise for classifieds would suffice. Then again why wouldnt this have been done from the start?

  40. My 3 recent purchases started w/ old system have been totally botched by launch of new system. All follow up communication in transaction processes are down. Thank god I got seller’s e-mail address before launch.
    The buy,sell and search portions of the new system are an abomination compared to old system for all reasons stated by other users.
    The system is NOT Functioning and I WILL NOT ADD NEW LISTINGS.
    Go back to old system while FIXING and TESTING any new system.

      1. My transactions were complicated as well. We figured out work arounds. I have two big requests. Could you please put the feature back in that allowed you to see where a zip code was from. I used that feature a lot. It helped me determine whether or from whom to accept a deal depending on the fragile nature of the product. Also, if two items were listed of the same thing and one was in California and the other was in Ohio I might by the one closer since shipping would be faster and less stressful on the package. Also the shipping calculator where you could get a quick shipping estimate was very helpful. Thanks.

  41. Why fix something that clearly wasn’t broken? If there is a reason, I think everyone here is reasonable and open to hearing an explanation.

    I have to echo the other comments here:

    Please put it back the way it was.

    1. Agreed. There was nothing wrong with the former Audiogon site. Improvements could easily have been made without changing the entire look and feel of the site. Why fix the parts that weren’t broken?

  42. The fact that two days was deemed a sufficient amount of time to compensate for the AgoN site being down, really says it all . . . .
    You folks are just soooo out of touch . . . . . It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic!

  43. As a customer, and an IT Change Manager, I’m mortified at how this ‘upgrade’ has gone. I sincerely hope you didn’t pay some fancy firm big money to do this “to” you. The way it looks…there was no validation plan, no feasible backout plan (please don’t tell me you had one but decided against it?), no communication plan, etc. It seems you ignored every aspect of IT Change and Release Management best practice! I’m sorry but there’s no nicer way to say it!

  44. No matter what I try (different browsers, different pics, etc). I can not get past the Preview screen when attempting to post a classified. No error message, just a refresh after continuously hitting the “Continue to Preview” screen (its stays on the preview). Why Audiogon doesn’t back out this dreadful release is a mystery. Its simply not functional. They are losing customers and revenue. Off to fleabay I go unfortunately.

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