Customer Service Update

Thank you for your patience with our Customer Service. We are continuing to work through our backlog of customer support inquires. We know some of you are waiting to hear from us, and we are looking forward to getting back to you. Our current response time is higher than normal and taking up to 72 hours to answer your requests. We are working on responding more quickly to your needs, thank you for your continued understanding.

We have updated our Email form so that we can address your issues more quickly. If you are still having issues please visit our support page at:

How you can help us get back to you more quickly:

  1. Please do not put in two requests regarding the same issue
  2. Visit our FAQ section, a lot of the questions we are receiving you can answer by checking the FAQ’s first.
  3. Please describe in as much detail any issue are having, providing us with links if appropriate.

What We are Focusing On:

  1. Rolling out Editing capabilities for your listings this week.
  2. Customer Service, we are working on getting our response times back to normal. We hope to have our response times back to 24 hours in the next few days.

Next Steps:

  1. Utilizing your feedback and suggestions to improve the sites features and functionality.
  2. We know some of the features you like and want are not currently available or working to your satisfaction. We are working on improving this, but it takes time and we thank you for your patience.


  1. This whole thing is absurd. Every page is all off center, I click on an item and the text oss off to the left, a huge banner ad graces the top and an annoying right-hand banner ad that is animated flashes in my face. In fact, looking for items I am not even sure what website this is there is so much garbage and sponsor ads everywhere and nothing is in the center of the page. In my estimation both your customers and your sponsors lose, this site is atrocious.

  2. I’m still waiting for a product sales refund on an item that did NOT sell. Its been 3 weeks and I’ve not heard a word from Audiogon staff.

  3. I still have had zero response on why I cannot use the money in my account. Just keps sending me to paypal and credit card. It’s the 26th already! Is this a joke?

  4. Why Audiogon does not have a telephone number to reach a Custumer service agent. All the other companies in the USA got one.

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