Editing is Now Available

Editing is now available on all listings.  Please note that you can only edit a listing if there are no open offers or bids.  Otherwise when you click edit you’ll only be able to amend your listing.

To edit, log into your account, go to your Selling table and click on the listing you want to edit.  On the listing page you’ll see the edit button at the top of the page as shown in the picture below:


Once you click on edit you can modify all fields except for the title.  Thank you for your patience,  we really appreciate all your feedback.



  1. What good is editing capability if you can’t find your listing? I have over 580 listings and they still are not sorted in any order other than what appears to be random. I would have to go through 12 pages of listings to try to find the listing I need to edit! Please give us the ability to sort our listings either boy newest or oldest or like in the old site by date entered. Without this ability I cannot find anything in particular let alone to edit!

  2. Much better…….
    Now give us a way to see ALL of the lisitings a member has for sale!!!

    Even if it is jus by going to the page you link us to when we look for feedback…
    There used to be a link on that page that was “items for sale”
    You could click it and see ALL of the items the member had for sale…
    That link is now gone…
    Please return it at the very least… since you have now limited the items you can see for sale by the members to 3 …so you can sell advertising….

  3. RE Auction and classified editing: Making a rule that says,
    “You can only edit a listing if there are no open offers or bids. Otherwise when you click edit you’ll only be able to amend your listing”, could expose you to legal action.

    An OFFER to a ‘for sale’ ad is fundamentally different from a BID in an ‘auction’, which carries with it certain legal obligations that cannot be applied to Classified listings. (See eBay for more information.) Once bidding has begun, the terms of an auction must be ‘frozen’ in order to insure a fair and level playing field to all successive bidders. With classified advertisements, it’s almost the reverse; and prohibiting a seller from making any kind of changes to a ‘for sale’ ad can be viewed as ‘restraint of trade’, a violation of the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). I’m not an attorney, but have had to deal with this issue; so I suggest you discuss it with a good contract attorney before you attempt imposing such restrictions on your sellers.

    Legal ramifications aside, such resrictions are of no benefit to sellers; who may not wish to respond to a low offer, and yet suddenly find they cannot reduce their price or change other terms in order to meet new competition (which is what constitutes “restraint of trade.”) It is also of no benefit to AudiogoN as it would ultimately result in loss of sales, which is not what I think you want?

  4. A couple of days ago I could log into my home page; now I can’t. I hit home page; it goes to it but if I want to see my threads, for example, it asks me to log in. I fill it in, wait , and I get the same log in form again. I still can’t edit my virtual system; please change the ads so members with older eyes can read them without being blinded. TOO BRIGHT!!

  5. To the powers that be at Audiogon, wake up. Seriously, the new site is a major disaster. Have you actually read any of the comments? I have seen skyscrapers built in less time than it is taking you to address the problems that you have CREATED. What sort of team do you have working on this? You will most likely continue to lose members, which equates to lost revenue because of this new site. Now that is not your intention is it?
    I know, too many questions. How about answering just one.
    Are you going to give the users what they want or not? It’s a YES or NO question. Please answer yes or no.

  6. “Once you click on edit you can modify all fields except for the title.”

    But what if the title is the thing that needs editing, such as to fix a typo? A typo in the title is particularly problematic, because as far as I can tell, the Search function only works on the text in the title, not the description.

  7. I want to change the price of my item for sale…It only appears that the text can be changed..but not the price etc.. Is there a way to change a price..if so how? A price change is probably the most often changed and should be on the first screen to be able to change as it use to be..

  8. Found it about editing the price at the bottom ..could it not be at top of the editing instead at the very bottom

  9. The Edit function does not allow for an update to the status of a listing. I sold one of my items just before the changeover and now there is no way for me to update it as SOLD. I’d like to do so. How can this be done?

  10. Please:
    Replace “Days remaining” with Product type (e.g., tube amp, ss amp, LP, SACD…)
    Replace “Type” heading with something useful (e.g., condition scale, private party, business…)
    Improve your search filter on the left margin. It makes much more sense to have music genre and music medium on different filter level.

    I have come to terms with the new Agon. While echoing many who have spoken here, I am simply asking Agon to be a better profit-pursuing enterprise and to recognize its current deficiencies. No site can be the only show in town for long if it chooses to ignore the 99% users who legitimize the site’s economic proposition.

  11. Editing is a semi farce. It simply doesn’t work well and is very frustrating. The old Audiogon was brilliant in its simplicity. Why not throw up the white flag and go back to what made the company worth buying in the first place?

  12. When bidding on an auction item, the TIME of the auction end is not shown, only the date.

    Can this be fixed, please? This is important.


  13. The edit or amend feature isn’t nearly as good as the former system. Now when you amend your listing the entire OLD listing is featured in FULL beneath the edited page. If you’ve a long or wordy listing this makes for a VERY long listing page. It looks fairly ridiculous!

  14. I was able to edit yesterday, but today I can only amend the description. I simply want to change the price of something I’m trying to sell.

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