Features Update

We have rolled out more features and have more coming…

More items from a seller:

Many of you have asked to be able to see all of the items that are listed by a seller instead of just 3.  When looking at a listing and the seller has more than three other items listed you see a link on the right hand side that says more Items from this Seller.  See the screenshot below.  Click on that link to see all the items from that seller.

Shipping Estimator

You’ll now notice on listings that zip codes have a blue link which will take you to the shipping estimator.  Simply click the zip code and you’ll be brought to a form where you can enter your zip code and get estimates on shipping.  Remember, that we do our best to estimate shipping but you should always check with the seller before calculating final costs.

Some other things we’re working on:

  1. Search by members name and look-up all the items they’re selling.
  2. Showing and organizing of listings by category names.
  3. Easy ability to search and organize your selling, buying, sold, bought and expired items.

We are looking forward to bringing this too you soon.

Regarding comments:  We are reading all your comments but had to shut off automatic posting as users were posting their username and password in comments.  We hope to have comments turned back on soon but our main focus is on customer service at this time.

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