What is Audiogon doing about Fraud?

Shopping online should be just as safe and convenient as shopping at your corner store.   Accomplishing this goal requires a team approach between site administrators and our community members. In this blog we wish to share some innovations which Audiogon has recently deployed to stamp out fraud.  This has been an ongoing objective, dating back to our launch in 1998.  Fortunately, we have better resources today to combat internet hijinks. Our recent system update launched in January of this year had built in security improvements, which are just now being implemented.  Listed below are categories of improved security minus detailed descriptions so we don’t give up our secrets to the “bad guys.”  This isn’t CIA stuff, but it’s close.

1.       We added security validations in regards to new member sign ups, listings, offers and communication in an effort to reduce spam and the creation of fraudulent accounts.

2.       We have strengthened our security flaggings in order to reduce fraudulent activity.

3.       Some members (thank you) raised concerns about malware and viruses originating from third-party links, and these have been squashed.

4.       We have responded to community suggestions (received through posts on the blog) to change feedback scores for new members as no feedback instead of 100% positive. (What were we thinking?)

Our next blog will outline things that community members can do to help us squeeze out the “bad guys.”

Thank you to all the members who consistently provide us with constructive feedback and suggestions.  We look forward to working together for continuous improvement.

Stay posted!


  1. Hi,
    I’m getting an offer on an item I’m selling from someone who wants to send a cashier’s check and arrange their own shipping. I wrote back and said that’s fine as long as I deposit the check and make sure that it clears before releasing the item. Now he writes back and says that the “financing agent” has sent a check to me including the shipping charges and want’s the difference sent to his shipper via Western Union. It sounds like scam which I’ve seen much of here, but he is aware that I will be depositing this check and waiting for clearance before I do anything. How long should I wait after deposit to insure that the check is not a forgery or a scam check?

    1. Please do NOT cash the check or proceed with the transaction, this is a big red flag for fraud. This is called a 419 scam, and is prevalent across all online markets. We have already suspended this user from Audiogon. Thank you for helping us to keep Audiogon and you both safe.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve had scam offers before, but not quite like this one. I never deal with money orders since I’ve been stung before and had to pay after the MOs didn’t clear, but this was a new twist….it did seem fishy though.

  2. I had the same scam attempted on me as Bill above. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one, I guess. Iwas asking $400 for my amp. They sent a cashiers check for $2600.00 and wanted me to wire the difference back via western union.

    1. After drilling my guy through emails for weeks he never bothered to try even sending the check. I simply never heard from him again! Thanks for the tips and help!

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