What’s New

Hello Members!

It has been a while since our latest post, and you may have noticed we made some changes! We understand that this big change has been somewhat frustrating to some of you, but we wanted to take some time to tell you about the benefits of these changes. We want to prove to you that Audiogon is still the best marketplace for high-end audio equipment.

Since the launch of our new site, we have doubled our resources in customer service and technical support to better serve you, and the online community you have interacted with for the past 14 years.

Over the next several months, we still have many changes and improvements to make, but we want you to know that we are taking great strides in making every part of your Audiogon experience the best it can be.  We would like to share our immediate action plan with you to tell you about the new and upcoming features of the audiogon.com website.

Available Now!

Using your Audiogon Account Funds to Pay for Listings:
Our billing implementation is complete and you can now use the available balance in your account to pay for listings.  All members can now Add Funds to your Audiogon Account to pay for listings.

Actions Menu:

You’ll now notice an actions menu next to open offers and in your selling and expired tables.  This menu will allow you to accept, reject or counter offers as well as re-list items.  We will also be expanding this menu in the future to do many more things, so stay tuned.


You can now view or post a wanted directly from the homepage.

Resend Payment:
If the seller reports that they did not receive payment from the buyer, the buyer can simply resend the payment on the order page.

Coming This Month:

On-Site User Messaging:
We are finishing up with final testing on this feature, soon you will be able to communicate much more easily. You will be able to receive and send messages to other Audiogon members regarding your listings and transactions. We are looking forward to providing this greatly missed feature.

Zip Code Search by Radius:
This new feature will allow you to search by a zip code and define a radius to search for items close to you.

Continued Site Conversion:

Based on your feedback and technical trends, we will continue making small transitions to make your audiogon.com experience the best it can be.

As we continue with these updates, we will keep you informed during the changes. We are hoping to dedicate each Thursday’s blog entry to “What’s New” with latest products and features, so be sure to stayed tuned for weekly updates.

Again, we thank you for your dedicated support and understanding during this time of transition.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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