Audiogon Helping Hands – Speaker Auction to Benefit Volunteer Fire Department in Colorado

An army of brave volunteer firefighters risked their lives in order to save hundreds of people and their property during last month’s wildfire outbreak in Colorado and Utah; now they need our help.  Audiogon would like to thank Helping Hand “Karls” for bringing attention to this worthy cause.

By the end of June, more than a dozen wildfires had raged through Colorado and Utah, and it’s not even close to the end of the forecasted wildfire season.  Near Fort Collins, in High Park, approximately 259 homes were entirely lost, but the damage extends much further than that.  Many of you have probably met a fellow audiophile from that area, and we can’t forget those who would normally be looking forward to the Rocky Mountain Audiofest instead of trying to rebuild their lives.  However, thanks to the tireless efforts of various emergency agencies, including the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, hundreds of residents were saved.  (To see a map of the fires, click here.)

“Karls,” who lives in the area, has witnessed first-hand the devastation left in the wake of the blaze.  He says, “We were one of the lucky ones, and our home survived two separate blow-ups of the High Park Fire, a week apart, and was only saved by the grace of God and the hard work of the firefighters. But many weren’t so lucky, particularly in the Rist Canyon area just to the north of us, where in one day a giant blow-up consumed virtually the entire once-pristine area and well over 100 homes. Many of these belonged to the brave members of the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, who were desperately trying to save the homes of their friends and neighbors on that terrible day. RCVFD also lost one of their fire stations on the same day.”

Calling on support from the audiophile community, he’s begun a charity auction for the  AudioMachina Maestro Ti-200 speakers, manufactured by his company.  Anything over the starting bid of $15,000 will be donated entirely to the RCVFD, and the winner will receive “one of the best loudspeakers ever made.” He’ll even pay for shipping!  You can view the auction here and click on the link to his username to view his excellent feedback.

The Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department is entirely community-supported, relying on donations to properly train and protect their team. But if you’re not in the market for new speakers, you can still help by making a Paypal donation directly on the RCVFD’s website.  If you would like to donate to victims of the fires, please see the Help Colorado Now website.  

Are you working on a charitable project?  Then send us the details for the new Helping Hands section of The Hub using this form!  You don’t need to have a current auction or listing to get involved.  Whether you’re helping plant trees, providing music therapy for Alzheimer’s patients, or beginning a recycling program in your community, Audiogon wants to help you get the word out.


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