The “Parrot Zik by Starck” Wireless Headphones

Parrot Zik by Starck

First introduced at CES 2012, the Parrot Zik by Starck over-ear headphones have caused a stir among computer audiophiles.  Featuring superior noise-canceling technology, these headphones allow the user to not only listen to music wirelessly, but also make and receive  phone calls with excellent clarity, thanks to the Jawbone Sensor mics built into the ear cup.

An embedded NFC chip enables the listener to pair a NFC capable smartphone like the Blackberry Curve or Nokia N9 with just a tap on the outside of the ear cup, and Bluetooth 2.1 technology makes it just as easy to pair other devices like the Apple iPhone or the Droid RAZR. Flipping through tracks or changing volume are as simple as a swipe of the finger on the right ear cup.  One of the coolest features is the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chip, which allows the listener to choose one of the standard EQ settings, like Parrot Concert Hall, or manually adjust the EQ using the companion iOS or Android app.  Another great addition is the accelerometer, which automatically pauses or plays when the headset is removed or in use.

The unit houses 2 outer microphones (for noise canceling), 3 smaller interior mics, the Jawbone sensor, a micro-usb port, and a battery that provides between 5 – 20 hours of wireless listening, depending on usage.  Once the battery runs out, you can switch it out for the optional back-up battery, or simply use a 3.5mm audio cable for passive listening.  Some reviewers thought the headphones were a little heavy at first, just over 12 ounces, but felt that Philippe Starck’s sleek design handled the weight comfortably.

Available at the end of July, the Parrot Zik by Philippe Starck is certain to be on any mobile audiophile’s gadget wishlist.


  1. How much are the wireless headphones going to cost? And will we be able to receive them in Australia?
    Cheers Tony

  2. You can still order them online from Parrot USA, I did and received them 7000 miles away in 4 days cost 399$

  3. These headphones look absolutely astounding!I hope they serve the purpose well in the future.Any plans to make them various colors perhaps or to be green in color so they look eco friendly?Just a added thought on the color.The sound quality for a musician as myself involved in acoustics as a performer..I see something like this maybe for musicians only streamlined one day.Who knows?

  4. Bought a pair, look great, could have used a little more solid plastic or carbon fiber material, material used on cords are very good (though not really required) very good noise canceling, average audiophile quality. Have to have the app, it does make a difference. I like to have my eq flat, but you have to crank the bands up with these headphones for some good sound quality. If you have over compressed music on your phone, your really going to suffer, but downloading at the highest bit rate is a must. Could have a little more power to them. I use some in ear Etymolics that have the best sound, but these are a nice break from having something in your ear, and when stuck for a long lay-over, the perfect balance. Having bluetooth and headphones combined, this is probably as good as it gets, wireless high quality sound is going to take awhile.

  5. Update, battery charge only last 2-3 hours, so any flights beyond that, your out of juice. Engineers should have at least have enough power to last a cross country (USA) flight. My first two flights using these headphones were enjoyable, but when the power goes off from a Chicago to Los Angeles flight about an hour before the end of the flight, it’s not good. Made sure I had a full charge on the way home, same thing, battery dead in about 2 1/2 hours. Need to give you a spare battery for long flights, though not a simple install, noise canceling headphones need to be able to last a decent time. Even using a couple AA or AAA like Bose uses would be better than the little recharge battery with no lasting power.

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