How To Turn Off Your Preamp

It seems like this would not require a “How To”, you just find the button right? Many audiophiles have been asking what would seem to be a simple question on our Audiogon forum.  How do I turn off my preamp?  Member Raquel cleared up the confusion for us by explaining, “Most types of high-end audio electronics are best left on 24/7, and many manufacturers of high-end equipment intentionally do not include on/off switches on their equipment as a result. Without explaining in great detail why this is so (very short answers: turning equipment on and off damages it, and equipment left on 24/7 sounds better), only tube amps and true Class-A biased solid-state amps should be turned on and off. All other equipment, including tube equipment using small-signal tubes like tube preamps and tube digital-to-analog convertors, should be left on 24/7.”

1. Check your preamp for a power button.

2. Can’t find one? Check the product’s user manual and follow the instructions.  If no instructions or button can be found, it is likely recommended to be left on 24/7.


For more information discuss this topic by commenting below.  Do you leave your Preamp on?

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