How To Break In a Tube Preamp

There’s a lot of talk about breaking in new audio equipment, but when is it necessary and how do you go about it?  Here’s the simple answer for how to break in a tube preamp.  It’s easier than you may think.

1. Breaking in your preamp does not require that your power amp be on. Just connect your digital gear to the preamp, and put it on infinite repeat

2. Turn your preamp on, and use your regular volume setting.

3. Enjoy!

  • Larryi commented, “To some extent, so-called “break in” is the listener becoming accustomed to the new sound. That part requires listening to the system, so just do that and don’t worry about break in.”
  • Onemug said, “I liked mine out of the box, really liked them after a few hundred hours, loved them around 6 months (have no idea the hours at this point), and have been “in love” with them from a year on. They just seem to get better with time. Enjoy the trip.”


Do you have a comment or a technique for breaking in equipment? Talk about it below.

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