What can I do about a ground hum?

Question:  I keep noticing a ground hum, though my friends swear they can’t hear it.  I’ve unplugged every other device in my listening room and still it won’t go away.  What can I do?

Answer:  Again, we refer to John Klintz’s expertise.  ”Have an electrician come out!” he exclaims.  With older homes, you can never be sure how the wiring was done.  In one case, the listening room was on the top floor on the opposite side of the house from the basement washing room, but for some reason, the washer and dryer were on the same circuit.  It wasn’t logical at all, but once the electrician pulled new wire to separate the listening room, all that buzzing disappeared.  It might be a pricey investment, but better to protect your gear and sound for the future.

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