Brilliance PlayLEDs come to Audiogon’s Marketplace

PlayLED setDeveloped by longtime audiophile, Steve Gold, the Brilliance PlayLED set is sure to enhance the mood in your home theater or listening room!

Audiogon members save 15% on orders placed through February 1st! Click here to see a listing!

Controlled wirelessly by a free smartphone app, Brilliance PlayLEDs will transform your space into a private NYC jazz club, a rollicking juke joint, a rowdy honky-tonk or anything in between!  Turn your outdoor patio into a romantic oasis for dancing under the stars!  Highlight your gear or artwork with some accent lighting!

Immerse yourself even further in movies or television shows by choosing complimentary colors on the PlayLEDs.  Submerge yourself in the blue lights and share Hooper’s terror or wait for the Kraken to rise.  With the green accents, you can play in the treetops with Peter Pan or observe gorillas with Jane Goodall.  Bathed in reds, you can visit Mars with Quaid or fight vampires with the Gecko brothers.

What makes Brillance PlayLED the accent lights of choice is that no remote is required.  You simply connect with your smart phone!  Since the strip is completely flexible and waterproof, you can put these just about anywhere – even outside!  The possibilities are endless!

Assembled by hand in the USA, the Brilliance LED Wifi Controllable PlayLED set is complete with

  • Waterproof 5 meter RGB strip
  • WiFi controller
  • Plug-in driver
  • Free downloadable control app that works with iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/Android devices using iOS 4.1 or higher, or Android 2.1 or higher
  • 3 Year Warranty
PlayLED WiFi controller
PlayLED WiFi controller

The strips are also customizable up to 100 meters with the addition of extra 5 meter increments.  To download the control app, simply search for Brilliance PlayLED in your App Store.

We’ve displayed the PlayLED set at both the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 and T.H.E. Show Las Vegas 2013.  The compliments just kept coming, especially from the significant others who were gracious enough to tag along with their audiophile spouses.  Since the strip is lightweight and flexible, you can shape it to any area – even tack it up with double-sided tape or a few penny nails with some U-clips!


Click here to see a listing and take advantage of this special 15% discount today!




  1. Neat toy but these can be had all over the place for a lot cheaper. Not sure I get why these ones are selling for so much higher then others? I take it Audiogon is getting a piece of this action?

    1. I was skeptical too when I saw them in Vegas last week, but after reading about the features here it makes more sense. The others I’ve seen couldn’t be controlled with an app or used outside. Just noticed the three year warranty included, too, which they’ve gotta cover themselves for. I guess you get what you pay for. They did feel like a good quality.

  2. 296.00 WoW I don’t think so. This is one of those things you get when you have money to burn. More cd,s & Lp,s with that money. Just drink several Bud Platinums and sit by the light switch.

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