How much have you invested in your current system?

We know there are many different levels of systems created by our Audiogon users.  Some have smaller, beginner rooms while others have been trading up for years to get where they are today.  We want to know, where do you stand?  Vote in our poll!

[poll id=”7″]

1 Comment

  1. 3,000 did the trick for ME!!!
    (2) Sherwood S6040 CP (Dual MOSFET) Amps
    NAD 114 Pre-amp
    Dual 606 Direct Drive TT / Ortofon ULM 55e Cartridge/Stylus
    DBX 224 Noise Reduction/Range Expander
    Playstation 1 CD Player (Modified)
    Energy C100 Speakers
    Pioneer HPM 100 Speakers
    Morrow MA-1 Interconnects
    Zu Wylde Interconnects

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