Relaunching a Brand: The Audio Electronics Story

We are very excited about the new line by Cary Audio, Audio Electronics.  To purchase these products, click here.

We visited their factory in Apex, NC in December and loved what we saw and what we heard, but we wanted to know – how did this all come about?  Here’s the story.

Cary originally started an Audio Electronic Supply (AES) line in 1993 as a parts supplier after many requests customers to sell parts and tubes.  Soon after, they added kit products like the old Heathkits, starting with a preamplifier, a single-ended power amplifier, and a phono stage. A number of customers who bought the kits requested help to build or finish assembling their kits, which led to selling completed products. Eventually, the kits were discontinued and the focus was placed on pre-assembled system components and parts.

In 2006, Cary decided to switch their focus to the Cary Audio product line and concentrate on the development of new products including a full line of home theater systems, leaving the AES line to be discontinued. However, in 2011, they returned to the idea of the AES brand with a new vision to create products targeted to today’s customers and with a new name, Audio Electronics by Cary Audio.

Cary noticed several sectors of the audio marketplace that were lacking.  This observation led to the decision to re-launch the AE line.  Music lovers today are looking for quality audio at a lower price point with a more compact and sleek design.  Secondly, many audio products have also been outsourced to other countries, contributing to the decline of quality and value.

With the Audio Electronics line, Cary Audio is looking to the future of high-end audio equipment. Cary Audio is bringing the long-term reliability and excellent sound quality they have developed over the past 24 years to simple designs that can maintain affordability.  Hand wired and made in their Apex, North Carolina factory, this homegrown, family-run company is bringing a special touch and care to these new and exciting products.

The line consists of the Nighthawk headphone amplifier, Constellation preamplifier, and Hercules power amplifier.  The original Audio Electronics Supply product line received critical acclaim from reviewers, hobbyists and audiophiles alike. Most are still in use today. The new Audio Electronics models maintain the simplicity of the originals, yet improve on the quality and sonic performance by using more modern design parameters and today’s premium parts.


Congratulations to Cary Audio on this inspiring new line.  We’re very excited about exclusively offering the products to our members in January!  To purchase these products, click here.

To learn more about the products in this line, read our blog post here.  To read more about our visit to Cary and what we did there, click here.  To see more pictures from our visit, check out our album on Facebook here.


  1. How about an article about:  ‘most sound for the buck?’
    Instead of always showing some guy with ‘deep pockets’ and his $100,000.00 rig?

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