The New Audio Electronics Line: The Nighthawk, Constellation, and Hercules

We are very excited to announce that Audiogon will be exclusively offering these products in our marketplace.  Click here to buy them now.  Keep reading for all the information you need to know about each of these components.

Audio Electronics Nighthawk Headphone Amplifier


The Nighthawk solid-state headphone amplifier from Audio Electronics by Cary Audio is an all-new design, featuring top quality parts mounted on a thick gauge fiberglass circuit board. A power transformer, rated at three times what is required for the amplifier’s design, feeds a fully regulated discrete power supply for the best sound quality. Operating in Class A throughout, the Nighthawk’s front end is a monolithic high-speed FET device, which then goes to a fully complementary high-speed buffered output stage for extremely high linearity and low distortion, leading to musical accuracy. No global feedback is used in the design of the amplifier, and it is designed to drive headphones with an impedance between 20 and 600 ohms. A five second muting circuit prevents any annoying pops and clicks when turning on the Nighthawk headphone amplifier.

All internal components of the Nighthawk Headphone Amplifier are thus optimized to maximize sonic potential and exhibit Audio Electronics sonic signature, which does not sound like typical solid-state equipment.

Audio Electronics Constellation Preamplifier


The Constellation preamplifier uses the excellent 6SN7 tube running in Class-A triode mode that is coupled to a fully regulated power and heater supply. The transformer is a custom R-core power device designed to our own specifications. The preamplifier was built using premium parts, and a simple signal path was designed with sonic purity in mind.

The Constellation was developed to offer the absolute best in sound quality without adding all the bells and whistles. Whether enjoyed in an existing system or coupled with the new Hercules power amplifier, the Constellation is a great investment for your setup.

Audio Electronics Hercules Power Amplifier


The Hercules power amplifier is an ultra linear tube amplifier using EL34 output tubes to produce 30 watts per channel. Boasting premium components, it features a very simple signal path to provide sonic purity and long-term reliability. The Hercules uses a specially built power supply combined with custom output transformers to allow the amplifier to be heavily biased into Class-A while providing excellent bass and transient response. The differentially-balanced input section reduces noise, and a cathode-bias function assures you of the best possible performance from your tubes at all times and allows the amplifier to run in Class-A over a larger power range. An automatic mute/standby circuit ramps up the voltage to the tubes gradually for longer life; it also removes any pops or noise at turn-on.

This attention to detail and the elegantly simple circuit design offers a musically accurate and satisfying amplifier.


To read more about the story of the brand relaunch of Audio Electronics, click here.  To read more about Audiogon’s visit to the Cary Factory, click here.  To see more pictures from our visit, check out our album on Facebook here.

Let us know what you think of these components by commenting below!

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