How To Clean Mirror Finishes

Mirror or ultra high gloss finishes on your audio components look fantastic, but they can be magnets for fingerprints and dust.

Keep these tips in mind when cleaning.  First of all, you want to avoid anything that has abrasive materials, like chrome cleaners or other products meant for cars.  They can scratch and/or dull the finish, remove any silk-screened writing, and leave an ugly haze behind.  Secondly, never use a paper towel or regular dusting rag.  Opt instead for a fine microfiber cloth.  You can find these for a pittance at office or electronics supply stores, because they’re also recommended for cleaning computer screens and flat panel televisions.


Here’s an easy four step method that will get your components looking like new!

1.  Remove any visible dust with a soft microfiber cloth or a can of compressed air approximately 18″ away from the surface.

2. A clean and damp microfiber cloth will remove any light “gunk” or remaining dust, plus return the lustre to its like-new finish.

3. For oily fingerprints and heavier gunk, Windex should do the trick.  A couple of spritzes on a clean microfiber cloth in light circular motions will gently break through greasy or tacky substances.

4. Polish with a dry microfiber cloth to remove any leftover haze or evidence of your hard work.


Do you have any tips or tricks to make your glossy finishes shine like new? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Prevention is preferrable to cure…

    If I’m handling my nice shiny hi fi components I wear a pair of soft linen inner gloves used by Cricket batters inside their thick protective batting gloves. Easy to put on or remove – unlike latex gloves or similar.

    Yet another unexpected gift to the planet by those who devised the very best game on it.

    If you unfortunately live in a non-cricketing country then the above cleaning tips are excellent. 

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